I’ve had a client recently come to me with a dilemma. He loved his partner to bits and was happy with every other aspect of their relationship however there was no sex! They had been together 15 years and married 9. After numerous rejections over recent years he had given up asking.

He was desperate to sort his relationship out. The problem was she wasn’t open to discussing things with him, and shut him down. It takes two to be onboard working on a relationship and if you’re both not equally invested it simply cannot work.

Working together with me was one of the solutions he suggested however she refused, which could be down to either her wanting to bury her head in the sand, or simply not wanting to sort the situation out due to her own issues.

In the end I ended up supporting him through the break up and he’s now in a very loving relationship.

How to find out if you can bring the intimacy back…

  1. Ask your partner what their emotional and physical needs are
  2. Express your own
  3. Listen and try and understand where they are coming from
  4. Try to encourage physical contact that doesn’t involve sex e.g. hand holding, kissing, hugging
  5. Don’t take rejection personally

If you’re not able to have any progress with the above, then it could mean that it’s time to move on from your relationship, and find a better suited partner. We all deserve to love and feel loved, and ultimately rejection is detrimental to that.

If you can relate to any of this and would like advice and/or guidance with your relationship then contact me today to find out how I can help.