Great tip here from Neil Strauss

Things not to say to a woman…

“I don’t really talk to my family.”

She thinks: “This guy has intimacy issues because he’s not even able to love his family!” Don’t reveal negative personal baggage about yourself in the early stages of meeting a woman. Instead show her you love and take care of all of those close to you: family, friends, girlfriends, and even pets. Being a protector of your loved ones is very sexy to women.’

I definitely concur with this.

Regarding the negative personal baggage:

My friend the other day said that she had exchanged a few messages with someone on http://www.match.com and it was all looking very promising.

When they eventually spoke for the first time, he asked about her briefly and then asked “what have I told you about my situation?” Her heart sank, as he hadn’t mentioned anything about his ‘personal situation’ and he proceeded to tell her the fine details of his broken down marriage, how he missed his two boys and how he suspected that his wife suffered from bipolar. Far too much information!

Remember what I said before that women are looking for clues that you are a guy she wants to get to know.

Women are looking for some sort of stability/security from a partner and those with personal baggage are unable to offer that.

It’s important to demonstrate higher value (DHV) and not lower value.

As Neil says above: Being a protector of your loved ones is very sexy to women’

I’m not saying that you should lie or be sneaky, but there’s certain information that doesn’t need to be said in the early days. If you don’t speak to your family, you may have good reason for it, but be discreet and don’t say anything that implies you don’t get on when you first meet, just say that you are all very busy and don’t see as much of each other as you would like.

The guy who had recently divorced, it was ok to mention that he was recently separated but apart from that, no intimate, personal details should have been mentioned, especially when it was his first conversation with her and he hadn’t even met her!