Do you have any of these problems…

  1. Approach anxiety when talking to the opposite sex
  2. Work in an environment where you don’t get to mingle in person with the opposite sex
  3. Struggle to hold conversations with people you are attracted to
  4. Most of your interaction with the opposite sex is virtual
  5. You don’t have much of a social life
  6. You are very internally focused (i.e. your focus is on what you want, where you want to go in life and what people think of you)
  7. Don’t have experience in caring for others (perhaps you’re an only child, a loner, or have had minimal sexual relationships)
  8. Crave to receive affection and love
  9. Crave to give affection and love
  10. You know you need to get out more, but you’re not sure where to go or what to do
  11. You don’t do any exercise and subsequently feel constantly lethargic
  12. You watch tv, go online socially or game for at least 3 hours a day

If any of these apply to you then providing you are an animal lover,  you may want to consider getting a dog!

Obviously not everyone has the right circumstances to look after a dog and give it the care and attention it needs, however if you do it will help you with all the above and much much more.

I have had my dog for a year and a half, and he is so loving. It occurred to me yesterday as I was walking him that people talk to you if you have a dog, especially other dog owners, but also dog lovers.

Daily I talk to men and women because dog owners see kindred spirits in other dog owners. Kids come and ask to play with my dog, women and men of all ages talk to me, and ask about me as well as my dog. I meet no end of good looking men. I can talk for hours about Zack! So there is never any awkward silences when you are with a dog or talking to a dog owner.

Instead of sitting around inside in front of a box, a dog gets you out and about and meeting people.

When people see Zack they want to pet him and play with him because he is so cute.

Having a dog grounds you and helps keep you in the present rather than wishing your life away and focusing 100% on the future and things you want. In turn you see opportunities and people around you and in front of you.

To own a dog you have to be a caring person, so it’s good to look after a dog if you want to care for a person whether it be a partner and/or children eventually, because providing you research how to care for a dog properly it will stand you in good stead for doing so. It’s your practice run!

Having a dog is great for men who want to learn how to be a protector (which is what women want) as one of my responsibilities as Zack’s owner is to keep him safe. Women we love to nurture another side of my job and commitment to Zack is to nurture and look after him, so hence why dog owning appeals to women.

A dog’s love is unconditional if you are single and craving love and wanting to give it, you will get love in abundance from a dog. They don’t hold grudges and their love gives you an enormous sense of well being and feeling of happiness.

To own a dog you must commit to giving it quality time. Also research needs to be done to find a dog that is suited to your lifestyle. I have an allergy to dogs, but I have found a breed which I am not allergic to, so if you have the same, don’t rule out having a dog.

Also dogs make for great first dates. Going on a walk with a dog instead of sitting in a bar or cafe, breaks the ice and takes the intense focus off your date if you’re generally nervous and find conversation difficult.

Dogs can teach you so much and are great for self development. I have learnt so much from Zack. One of the many things he has taught me is patience, he has also taught me persistence and he is helping me let go of when perfectionism gets in the way of me appreciating small steps/achievements. When I teach him something new I get a real sense of pride. He fetches the post, my keys and phone… now I’m working on him pouring me a glass of wine 😉

If having a dog is not feasible for you, then why not see if a neighbour has a dog you can walk, so you can do the walking and socializing without the commitment of owning a dog?