One of the biggest gripes men have with women is that they find them intimidating and are scared to approach.

Ladies we don’t help guys with this fear. If the decent guy in the corner sees you rejecting every man who has the balls to come and talk to you, it’s likely he thinks you don’t want to be approached.

Also when we are cackling with big groups of girls this is very intimidating. So what should you do?

 12 Tips to Make you Less Intimidating & More Approachable in Bars and Clubs

  1. Cover up wearing classic figure hugging clothes rather than showing too much flesh. With lots of legs or cleavage you will encourage drunken men who fancy their chances to approach however scare the decent guys
  2. Don’t over do the slap. Natural make up makes you look more approachable
  3. Go out in smaller groups of 2-4 preferably social and friendly ladies rather than those that want to bitch about guys or girlfriends
  4. If anyone talks to you (men or women), always have a brief conversation even if you are not attracted, so others can see you are engaging with people and being polite. Be friendly chatty and open to every one you enounter including all staff
  5. Move around and don’t stay in one place. This shows you are looking to mingle
  6. If you find yourself standing next to a guy then look at him in a friendly way and smile and break the ice by saying hi
  7. Enjoy yourself. Be fun and carefree. Don’t like you’re on the hunt whispering and pointing and giggling in the corner. This is intimidating for the decent guys
  8. Make sure your body language is open, no crossed arms or turning your body away from people
  9. Avoid standing in corners and instead stand where you aren’t being blocked or hidden by big groups of people, walls, or other obstacles
  10. Make eye contact in a friendly way (5 second minimum for any guy that takes your fancy)
  11. Avoid getting into deep girlie conversations that require you to give your undivided attention to your friends
  12. Don’t bitch about men and ex boyfriends, any guys that over hear will keep away for obvious reasons