These are his Top 10 Turn Offs …

1)   He’s taken you on 2 dates now you think you’re exclusive – you’re referring to him as ‘my boyfriend’

2)   If he doesn’t reply to your text immediately you text again to ask if it’s been received, or ask him what you’ve done wrong

3)   You resent his night with the lads on a Friday

4)   You ask to meet his parents

5)   You’re making plans for you both every weekend, in the months ahead and RSVP’ing invites for him

6)   You’ve been dating 2 weeks and you drop the L bomb

7)   You get twitchy if you don’t hear from him every day at least once a day

8)   Your text messages are 5 pages long

9)   His mates don’t like you

10) You constantly ask him what he’s thinking and how he’s feeling everytime he’s quiet

These things are just some of the behaviours/actions that will make him run a mile!

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