Do you keep attracting the wrong sort of women?

We all say it tongue in cheek… I attract these [insert appropriate negative people adjectives] ‘losers/crazy women/men etc… ‘

But then we baffle and wonder why, but keep doing it. It’s about taking responsibility and ownership and acknowledging these words literally. The people we attract are our responsibility. They are attracted to us because ‘we’ are attracting them. So what is it that we are unconciously seeking from them?…

If you attract bunny boilers – is it because you secretly like the attention they give you? Is it because you like their unpredictability? Does it make them more exciting/interesting? Maybe you think that ‘normal‘ women wouldn’t be interested in you and wouldn’t give you enough attention so you’d feel insecure? Meaning that being with bunny boilers gives you the security you need through their obsession with you? These are all hypothetical questions and things to consider.

So why not have a think about the women you attract that you don’t want to attract, and try and ponder what it is that you are subconciously seeking from them.

As an NLP Practitioner I am acutely aware about how the words we say either externally or internally drastically affect our lives.

For example: ‘I always attract bunny boilers’ is an affirmation. This comment might be said or thought in a blasé way but when we think it; it becomes our reality.

Buddha: Our life is a creation of our mind

If you focus on what you don’t want you will actually end up getting it, because you are focusing on it, so you focus on what you do want.

It’s the classic example when someone says: “Don’t think of a pink elephant” and the first thing you think of is a pink elephant. Or you might be saying to yourself ‘don’t trip over’ or ‘don’t mention x’, and you end up doing what you don’t want to do.

Our brains don’t acknowledge the ‘don’ts’, they simply don’t exist in the vocabulary in our head – they are translated as ‘do’s’.

If we don’t like the people we are attracting into our lives then we need to look within and increase our self awareness.

I’ve discussed this in a number of previous posts, we need to look at what we offer and what we are looking for in a partner and see if they are congruent.

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