Why do you think that people crave the approval and compliments of Simon Cowell when he judges talent shows above all the comments of the other judges?

Like him or loath him you cannot deny that he is successful, confident, charismatic, honest.

Too many people try too hard to be liked, and this often means they are seen as not genuine because they are trying too hard to be nice.

To evoke feelings of love or hate, like Simon, in people means you are actually an interesting person with an opinion.

I would much rather have people feeling both of these things about me than people being indifferent, and describing me as nice. Nice is boring.

The same things that make people love Simon also make others hate him. The thing is he is true to himself and he doesn’t care if he is liked or not. That is what confidence is about. You don’t need the approval of others and this is the very thing that forms a powerful attraction.

People trying to be liked come across as desperate and unsure of themselves and this has the opposite effect of detracting people.

Are you someone that people speak passionately about when they talk about you? How do people describe you?

Is it better to be one of those forgetful none descript people?

Are you the person that people like? People forget? People invite because they feel obliged? – The person that’s invisible at a party? – The person that no one really talks about?

I believe that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about!

Do people value your opinion? Want to be around you? Are you the person that always has to be invited when people are planning social activities? The person that people are sad and disappointed if you can’t attend?

If you’re the former and want to be the latter then I can help! Please do get in touch. I can show you how to become Mr Magnetic and boost your social Status!

To be continued… (I’m readdressing the issue of you guys paying compliments!)