The Oxford dictionary defines being interesting as “arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention

Being interesting is critical to your success with women.

First impressions count. What do you look like? What do people see when they look at you?

I don’t necessarily mean you should have a make over but you do need to be mindful that people’s impression of you (and thus their perceived value of you) will be affected by what they see.

Women generally like men that are groomed ie; hair is clean and cut to a style that suits, nails are short and clean, any nose and ear hair trimmed, clothes clean and pressed. The shoes are one of the most important pieces of your outfit, and I’m embarrassed to say that many women will always check the shoes out, and count and discount men based on their choice of shoe.

In the PUA world there is such a thing called ‘peacocking’ and this is great way to get noticed by the ladies and make yourself interesting.

Peacocking is something random and ‘in your face’ that you wear for attention. For example it might be a shirt with a crazy pattern on it, a bright coloured hat, and unusual piece of jewellery. In a nut shell it makes you stand out from other people and it’s a conversation starter.

Have you ever noticed when you see groups of guys out on stag do’s (batchelor parties) dressed in silly outfits how they get loads of attention from women? The reason is they look interesting and fun.

Being as women look for men with a sense of humour, to dress up or wear something outrageous show you don’t take yourself seriously and can laugh at yourself, hence why it’s attractive to women.

To give you an extreme example; when I was in France a year or so ago I was out ‘apres ski’ and there was a young lad of around 19, who was very drunk. Somehow he’d managed to find a pink tutu. He put the tutu on his head and he had women swarming all around him and wanting to have their photograph taken with him. He didn’t have to go and ‘pull’ any women, they all went to him and wanted to be around him. Had this drunken lad not had the tutu (or his peacocking prop) he would not have had any women around him because he was too drunk, and he would have looked like every other drunken guy.

So what assessments do women rightly or wrongly make of guys with a peacocking prop:

1)   sense of humour

2)   confidence

3)   brave

4)   interesting person

So guys why not give it a try? Experiment and start with something small and see how adventurous you dare to be. .

Maybe you work in and office and you feel that nobody really notices you… see what happens when you wear something to really stand out. Suddenly you’re not invisible anymore; the lady who you’ve had your eye on that doesn’t even know you exist has finally noticed you and everyone wants to talk to you about the reasons why you have decided to wear your chosen prop. So there’s no need to worry about approaching women – they will come to you.

Here’s the King of peacocking (PUA Mystery) discussing how it works;