In these current climes it’s easy for most guys to think that there is no point in taking women out on dates because they can’t afford it. There are so many things to do that don’t cost the earth, but you do need to know what sort of lady you are dating and what she likes.  All the ideas below are for a cheap date and range between being completely free and £30/$50 tops.

Remember to be assertive though and be confident with your suggestions without giving too many options – too many options = uncertainty, lack of confidence. My advice would be to give an adventurous option and a romantic and/or cultural. If none of those options are of interest then to put it bluntly she’s not interested!

If a woman likes a guy and is genuinely potentially interested she will be happy to spend time with him in at least one of these date settings, unless she’s looking for a guy who has the funds to spoil her rotten from the offset.  And if that’s the case don’t hate her for it because there are guys that equally want to spoil women.

The key to any of these suggestions below is research and preparation. The more effort you put into planning your date the more likely you will impress. By planning you are showing your leadership, creativity, thoughtfulness and assertiveness – and as I keep referencing here on my blog, this is what women want.

Once you have built rapport and you’re ready to make your move, the conversation might go like this:
You – ‘hey we should go out some time’ (note it’s not a question, so no closed response due = no actual rejection if she doesn’t take you up on the hint)
Her – ‘yea that would be nice’ or….
‘yea (conversation change)’ = not interested
You – ‘so what do you like, what should we do? Something outdoors and adventurous or something cultural?’
Her – ‘like what?’
You – with confidence, enthusiasm, excitement and hand gestures you paint the picture of two exciting options you are going to give her ‘well if you’re wanting adventure I know this really cool place where we can scale new heights and climb walls. Don’t worry I’ll catch you! Or there’s a Dali exhibition on in town and we can take a leisurely stroll round and look at his paintings, and if you behave I’ll take you for a spot tea and cake after.’

1)    LazerQuest
2)    Paintballing
3)    Indoor climbing
4)    Bike ride – hiring a bike and taking a ride down the canal/in the countryside/beach
5)    Waterparks

Some of these you and/or her may find silly, and if you’re not the adventurous type yourself then maybe it’s not your thing. Just remember that most guys will be taking her for meals and to do something random and different will make you stand out from the crowd. You will also find out if she has a sense of humour and/or adventure. Also if you are someone who worries what to say on a date, then it’s a great to do something adventurous and fun first, because the rest of your date after, where you maybe go for a coffee or somewhere to have a sit down, you can have a laugh and a giggle about the experience.

1)    Art galleries
2)    Cinema – isn’t so cheap nowadays and is a little cliché however look out for smaller, arty cinemas that show old and classic films, and smuggle in some drinks and nibbles.
3)    Local events – be aware of what’s on in your/her area. Especially now were getting to Spring/Summer. For example in Nottingham you can go and watch outdoor-theatre for as little as £11 per ticket, but there’s lots of free events going on too.
4)    Plays – the main theatres charge a lot for tickets but have a look and see what smaller theatrical companies you have locally they charge less for tickets but are still worth checking out. Don’t forget to check the reviews and feedback first, so you know they’re worth watching.

1)    Afternoon tea – this doesn’t have to be at the Ritz, I’m thinking find a quirky tea shop/café and take her there for tea and scones/sarnie.
2)    Picnic – don’t forget to find your perfect setting first. Be a little more adventurous than sandwiches. How about selection of meats and cheeses and a fresh baguette? You can get a bottle of wine and some nibbles for £10-£15. Make sure things that are meant to be cool are kept chilled and don’t forget to pack a blanket, and maybe your i-pod for some tunes.
3)    Rowing boats – it’s a cheap and cheerful way to entertain for an hour or so.
4)    Dinner – cook dinner at yours. A man that can cook impresses women. If you can’t cook why not get a girl mate or your mum to give you some lessons. The attention to detail i.e. the way you prepare and set the table and serve the food will impress. So make sure you have all the cutlery, side plates, napkins, salt and pepper etc… and when you present the food make sure it looks ‘wow’.
5)    Walk – Cheap as chips, well it’s free innit. Discover where the best walks are in your area and off you go. If funds allow stop for a refresher drink on the way and/or bite to eat, but make sure you know where you are going and research potential pit stops before hand.
6)    Gardens – It’s the perfect time to walk round gardens, so see if there’s any public ones in your local area, and if not take a drive out.

So these are my tips for a cheap and cheerful date guys. If you have any other ideas/suggestions please comment on my blog 🙂