You may look at some guys and think ‘it’s all right for him he’s good looking/ funny/successful’ etc….

You can’t force humour you either have it or you don’t. With your looks you might not be the best looking guy, but that doesn’t matter either as long as you keep yourself groomed well and dress well. Success is relative. Everyone has different ideas of what success means – so this isn’t something you can measure, but women are attracted to men with goals and ambitions.

But what is it about YOU women like? What makes you stand out from other guys?

If you can’t think of anything, then this is an area to work on.

Those without a naturally good sense of humour need something else that’s a powerful attraction, to be interesting.

You might have interests like fishing, collecting stamps or gardening, but they are not things that are generally interesting to women, so to be interesting to women you need to have an interest that interests them.

Many women are interested in cooking but unless you’re a good talker with the ladies this isn’t something you can demonstrate – you can’t demonstrate your cooking skills there and then when you meet a lady, so I’d urge you to think of things that you can demonstrate whilst out and about.

If you can become good at something that women are interested in – they will come to you. This is definitely the thing to consider if you suffer from approach anxiety. In the PUA world it’s known as DHV – demonstrating higher value.

For example women are interested in astrology, magic, illusion, mediums and palm reading, massage and these are all things you can show off to people in public. Women love Derren Brown and Criss Angel because they are both mysterious and intriguing personalities because of their magic and mind control skills.

Women want excitement, so to find a guy that can seemingly accurately read our palm, or create an illusion that we can’t get our head round, or to tell us something about our personality that is accurate, are all things that will ‘wow’ us.

For example I have a friend who is a magician and illusionist and whenever we go out he inevitably ends up performing his magic. Women flock around him. All you need is to demonstrate your magic in public to someone, and you will find other people are nosey and want to know what you are doing. Before you know it you have women swarming around to see what the fuss is about. And this is one way you can make yourself interesting 🙂

Learning these sorts of skills will take a lot of time and patience, but if you put the time in, you will reap the awards.  You can practice things with family members, friends and office pals, before you start practicing them on women. It’s basically an ‘ice breaker’ technique which will make women want to learn more about you. Your new skill will have made you interesting and intriguing to women.

One tip though: you never ever tell anyone how you do any of your techniques whether it’s mind reading astrology etc… it’s important that people can’t figure out how you do what you do. As soon as they know people lose just a little bit of respect because they think ‘anyone can do that’.

Some books/websites to try are: