Celebrities Body Language: Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

In every photograph poor Kieran seems to look star struck, in awe and possibly a bit nervous and apprehensive as to what he’s let himself in for.

I know he’s a muscle bound guy but his rounded shoulders almost look like he’s trying to be smaller and insignificant – either that, or he feels that way. He’s intimidated but also extremely loved up and lusting after his sexy, glamorous wife.

In the second picture below you can see the lust as he’s openly staring at Katie’s chest with a slight smirk, and his body is turned towards her so he can admire her.

Katie is confident and her pose is brash and one of not caring what the world thinks. A middle finger up to the photographer in this photo wouldn’t look out of place. It’s a very alpha pose showing her dominant nature. There’s no denying who’s boss and her pose suggests fierce independence, as she’s not facing him or connecting to him in any way. Even her head is turned away from him.

In his beach wedding photo Kieran’s smile looks forced and there don’t seem to be many photos of him smiling. That’s not to say he’s not happy, I just think he’s completely over whelmed. Even though he’s used to performing things are now at a whole new level with the media attention surrounding KP.

The first photo is very staged for obvious reasons however neither of them looks comfortable. Katie is thrusting her chest onto his, which shows a very passionate relationship, but she isn’t smiling. He’s standing very wooden with again his shoulders very curled forwards. Her face is angled to the side which is a common pose for someone as part of a couple as you are partly facing them whilst still facing the camera however his is 100% towards the camera so it looks an odd and uncomfortable pose. It doesn’t show any connection to her on his part.

This relationship has been very rushed, as has the marriage, spurred on with the news of pregnancy. There is so much pressure on them as a couple with the pregnancy. He will have to deal with being a father on top of the media circus and the high expectations of him as a husband. Katie’s pregnancy hormones with be a challenge for both of them and a new baby in a family where both parents are working is a strain on every relationship. Sadly because of the lack of time they have been together they don’t have strong foundations already in place.

They haven’t spent enough time together to find out if they really like each other on a deeper level or share the same values and long term goals, as they are still in the lust stage. It’s only over time if there are cracks that they will show. Currently they don’t seem to have the rapport and connection that some other loved up couples have, however whether it can be achieved, only time will tell… I wish them both the very best of luck!

Bahamas wedding Katie Price and Kieran Hayler