Closer magazine reports this week that Binky Felstead is considering getting back with her cheating ex Alex Mytton.

Alex recently admitted to 4 counts of infidelity including an orgy with Binky’s ex Spencer Mathews.

Sadly her friendship with Lucy has been sacrificed because of Lucy’s strong opinions that Binky should end her relationship with Alex.

As women we don’t like to think we have failed at a relationship so often we will try and fix it, and take responsibility ourselves on some level, often unconsciously when there is infidelity.

What this does is allow us to forgive misdemeanors. Sometimes this is the right thing to do, however unlikely in these circumstances.

When someone comes clean about infidelity, and the partner who has been cheated on doesn’t want the relationship to end they then convince themselves that their partner is honest, because they have come clean about their cheating, they choose to forget that they were dishonest by cheating in the first place.

Binky is a rebellious character that doesn’t like to be told what to do, hence why her friendships have suffered. I know it’s difficult to see a friend in a relationship which you think is damaging, but it is still important to respect their decision either way. Binky is cutting out anyone that is putting pressure on her to leave because she wants to be with him and to believe he won’t do it again.

Looking at the photographs of them I can see on some photos that they are mirroring each other which implies that they do have a bond and a connection, however it is clear that Binky is the more keen of the two.

Looking at their body language…

Photo 1 shows them in a club last month.

Whilst at first glance this might look very intimate because their faces are so close together, you can see that firstly Alex has his arm folded up to stop her from getting too close, and his hand is curled towards his body and not open towards her. His body is upright and he is avoiding reaching his face down to Binky’s, he may even be pulling back. He’s smiling but it’s not a comfortable smile in fact he looks slightly embarrassed. Binky’s head thrown back in an over the top dramatic gesture, her laugh looks false and is clearly for the cameras. Her hand is loose behind his back. It may be that she is tipsy and he’s almost trying to rein her in. This photo fails to show a united couple.


Photo 2 shows them shortly after they made their relationship official.

This photo clearly shows that Binky is more into him than he her. She believes she has a real catch. Her body is angled towards him, and her arm is around his shoulder as she’s showing others that this man is hers and she’s proud. Because he is taller he’s having to bend his shoulder down to allow her to have her hand there so he has an awkward uncomfortable stance. It would have looked more natural for him to put his arm round her shoulder, and the fact he isn’t in this instance shows he’s not sure and that perhaps he might be feeling things are moving too fast.

Her pelvis is making contact with his hip with shows they have an active sex life and they are still enjoying their honeymoon period.

Binky’s face and body are angled towards Alex, however his face and body are angled away, this implies he’s not sure about his relationship. It could be that he was put under a bit of pressure by Binky to go public and he wasn’t quite ready.