‘He’s too nice’

Guys don’t understand this and assume it’s very black and white and that women like a*@ holes.

Some women yes, but it’s only because they haven’t stumbled across an alpha male who isn’t an a*@ hole. I’ve discussed why this is because bad boys have traits that women like. See my post here…. http://www.rebeccadakin.com/bad-boys-verses-nice-guys/

You can be a desirable alpha male without being an arrogant, cocky idiot.

Most women want an alpha male at some level, and those that are ‘too nice’ don’t have alpha male traits so end up as ‘friends’ with women. However it’s usually a one-way friendship where the guy because he’s so nice is giving everything but getting nothing in return. He hangs on in there being walked all over, hoping that one day she will realise that he’s always been there for her and that he is the love of her life. It will never ever happen, trust me!

How do you know if you’re too nice? If one or more of these below apply to you, then it’s likely women see you as ‘too nice’.

1)   People tell you…..  n.b: it’s not a compliment!

2)   You don’t have an opinion and often either sit on the fence or agree with the opinions of women you fancy

3)   A lady lets you down last minute, or constantly messes you around and you say ‘no problem’

4)   You never assert where to go, you just go with the flow – after all it’s all about what she wants, if you do what she wants – that will make her happy

5)   You never say no

6)   She pisses you off but you keep it quiet because you don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ and potentially upset her

7)   Or you mention to her that she’s pissed you off but she turns it around on you, so you feel guilty for mentioning it – so you shut up

8)   You run around after women taking them here and there but you never ask for or get anything in return

9)   In fact you did once ask for something but she said no, and so you don’t ask any more. It niggles you but you are just happy and grateful to be around her

10)  You find you spend most of the time listening to her – and she doesn’t show any interest in you or your life, but you don’t mind because you like being around her

11) You offer a huge amount of emotional support to her but you get none in return

12) You listen to her gripes about other men/dating and you offer her comfort and support, and feel confused as to why she doesn’t want you (the nice guy) when she’s moaning about all these other men that have treated her badly

13) You enjoy being called on by women to do things for them (running their errands, lifts, loaning money etc..)  because it makes you feel needed and you think if you do enough things for them, then they will want to date you


The key to not being ‘too nice’ is stop being a PUSH OVER! Have some self-respect. If you do any of the above, you don’t have any self-respect, so in turn women won’t respect you, they will take advantage of your good nature, and they will never see you as a potential partner/lover. Fact! 

Don’t allow yourself to be treated badly. Get a backbone, and as my Dad would say, ‘stop being a wet blanket!’