Last night I was giving anal sex tips to Fubar’s dapper duo Mikill Payne and fellow Nottingham chap Reece Sanders!

Firstly, I would like to point out that not everyone has and enjoys anal sex or even experiences it. There seems to be a bit of an obsession with it nowadays. It’s important not to feel pressured into trying it if it’s not something that appeals to you.

Here are my 5 Tops Tips for beginner’s Anal Sex

  1. Always make sure you discuss and both agree wholly to trying the experience, rather than one person doing it reluctantly to please their partner
  2. The receiver should be the one totally in control, and needs to be able to communicate clearly what they find comfortable or not, to guide their partner
  3. Ideally you would experiment in the anus area with tongues, fingers or small butt plugs over a number of sessions before penis or strap on penetration
  4. Lots of lube is required for penetration. Always. And penetration is only given when the receiver is fully relaxed – so lots of foreplay is advised
  5. Be patient as the giver. This may be something you work up to over a number of bedroom sessions

The best lubricants in my experience are ID lubricants. They win awards every year. You can get samples and buy water based regular and flavoured and silicone and anal lubes and beginners butt plugs directly from me.

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Fubar radio talks anal Sex