Recently I was interviewed for Bella magazine as to whether I believed sexless marriages could survive. The long and short of it is no!

Sex is what connects us and is the difference between a platonic friendship and marriage. Ok if both parties are fine with no sex then there’s no issue, however more often than not if there’s no sex in a marriage there’s at least one person that’s unhappy about it whether they admit it or not.

Marriages and relationships take work and an investment of time and energy. Intimacy is part of that. When the kissing, holding hands, hugging stops usually the sex stops, and often it’s the none sexual things that people can miss more than the actual act of sex.

If you’re in a sexless marriage and think everything is fine, I would urge you to make a point of checking in with your partner and finding out their thoughts and feelings.

The chances are if there’s no sex in your marriage then there’s a high risk of infidelity. So it’s essential not to bury your head in the sand and think that everything is fine.

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Sexless Marriage