Whilst sizzling temperates can make some people very horny, sometimes the reality of all the heat and extra sweaty slippery bodies isn’t quite an appealing turn on.

Here’s my tips for keeping cool, whilst hotting things up.

  1. Have sex in the coolest part of the day – either early morning at sunrise or when the suns gone down later in the evening when temperatures start to drop.
  2. Have a cold shower together – and have sex in the shower with cool water running over your bodies. It’s sure to make for a sexy encounter, especially if you allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in the experience without worrying about hair getting wet or make up running off!
  3. Have sex in the shed, garage, cellar or outbuilding, somewhere where it’s cooler and a little bit dirty to give sex that naughty edge. Utilise any work tops and benches.
  4. And if you are feeling extra naughty and want to go one step further, wear cool accessible clothing and find somewhere discreet and shaded for some outdoor sex. The key word here is discreet, remember sex in public is not legal! So make sure there is no one around and keep a look out for people. Standing up positions with rear entry are the easiest and quickest to recover from if you do get disturbed.
  5. Have an ice pop and give your lover oral sex so they can enjoy the cooling sensations on their private parts. This makes for a very arousing experience.

Outdoor sex