1. Be open with your family and friends about your desire to date and find love. They might be able to assist finding you a date and/or introducing you to potential dates.
  2. Do a style check. Hair, clothes and shoes are important. Make sure these are on point before you start looking to date. I can assist with this and work with you in person to refresh your style.
  3. Keeping fit not only helps you feel and look good, it keeps you young and it’s also a place to meet potential dates!
  4. New interest or hobby. Make time to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, whether it be a drawing or writing class, or sailing. Being part of a club/group where you can meet like-minded people is advantageous.
  5. Be Proactive. Join an over 50’s dating site. Some to try are Telegraph Dating, Guardian Dating, E Harmony and Our Time.

Dating for the over 50’s