Step 1

Photos: It never ceases to amaze me how many bad photos people use on online dating profiles. This is your ‘shop window’ or your ‘book cover’. If you get it wrong you won’t even get people looking at your profile, let alone any messages and dates. The top mistakes people make are:

1)    Self-portraits, usually using the arm stretch technique.
2)    No smile – your main profile photo should be smiling. Period.
3)    Bad photos ie; blurred photo, bad lighting photos, wearing something that hides your face, sunglasses and/or hat
4)    Photos with women/people cut out, where you might see a bit of blonde hair and/or a hand
5)    Drunk photos where people are in the pub with pints/wine

So what photos should you use?

You can create an interesting profile with 3 recent photographs. They should all preferably be smiling but at the very least your main facial photo should be smiling. The lighting and colour should be good on all of the photos, and they should all be clear and not blurred.

1)    clear, smiling face shot, taken by someone else
2)    full body shot, smiling
3)    action shot; a photo where you are doing something interesting. E.g; if you have a motor bike – a photo of you on your bike. If you like walking – a photo of you outdoors in your walking gear, or maybe your pet – definitely no children photos on the ‘worldwide web’.