Whether we like to acknowledge it or not some people will always choose to experiment with erotic asphyxiation (EA). For some it’s part of their BDSM play.

Erotic asphyxiation is a type of sexual activity where the air supply is intentionally cut off by choking or suffocating. This is said to make orgasms more intense and heighten sexual arousal by creating a ‘rush’ when the pressure is released after the light headiness of lack of oxygen.

It is extremely dangerous and not something I would personally recommend and neither would most health professionals and doctors.

Risks include; death, heart attack, damaged larynx, brain damage, orbital subperiosteal hematoma (eye ball haemorrhage) and aspiration.

Side effects include; nausea, coughing, disorientation, muscle weakness, numbness, loss of co-ordination and drowsiness.

If this is something you are going to engage in my advice would be…
1. Avoid doing it alone. Do it with a trusted partner, so there is someone to step in and assist if things do start going wrong.
2. Avoid doing any drugs, including alcohol so that both parties are of sound mind.
3. Download and sign a sexual consent form. These are readily available on Google.
4. Do your homework. Learn about the anatomy of the head, neck and chest, so you can learn about what levels of pressure you can use and where.
5. Create none verbal cues to end ‘play’ for example, tapping your hand or dropping an object.
6. Check out websites like Fetlife for comments and tips from those experienced in EA.
7. Discuss boundaries and expectations. And reaffirm consent at each stage of play.
8. Decide whether you are going to use strangulation, suffocation or choking. Out of all of these with a partner suffocation using a hand or bag can be the safest option.
9. Make sure you have a phone to hand so that you can call emergency services immediately if there is a problem. It’s important not to delay making the call if things have gone too far.
10. Take things slowly.