A new article states that being in a toxic relationship can cause PTSD.

So how do you know if you’re in one? Here’s 10 tips that should be red warning flags.

  1. They make digs at your appearance and personality either seriously or as a ‘joke’
  2. When you voice you’re not happy about something they have a way of turning it round on you
  3. They lie then try to make you feel like you’re crazy when you catch them out
  4. They make you feel like you can’t do anything right
  5. They want to be able to reach you 24 hours a day and get angry when they can’t reach you
  6. They tell you they can’t trust you
  7. They use emotional blackmail to get what they want
  8. Guilt is a familiar feeling for you
  9. They won’t let you see your friends or family
  10. You tread on egg shells for fear of upsetting them

If you need support ending a relationship like this, then get in touch, I can help. I have experienced first hand how dangerous these relationships can be.