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I went to a very interesting seminar the other weekend by Andy Harrington, who got me thinking about ‘my why’. Why I do what I do, and what drives me to work as a Sexpert and help people with their relationships and sex lives?

It’s something I had never considered before. My background is I went from convent school, to glamour modelling, peep show and then escorting, then subsequently Author and Sexpert.

I learnt alot about men during my time as an escort and all about what men really want, however as a woman I understood why they weren’t getting what they wanted, because I know equally what women want, and it all boils down to connection, communication and compromise.

It is my mission to ensure everyone has a mutually satisfying love and sex life, so they avoid infidelity and being miserable in relationships.

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Erotic Literature

How erotic literature and sex toys can spice up your sex life. Lucy and Victoria think literature is a gentler way to start brining in some kink. I talk to Cara Sutra, Lucy felthouse and Victoria Blisse and Sweet Pleasures.

Porn Stars, Sex Toys & Striptease

It’s now been a couple of weeks since the shenanigans of Sexhibition in Manchester, an event which I believe is encouraging with regards to where us Brits are with regards to our views on sexuality.

Ok we had Erotica in London that started in 1997, but it lost it’s spark in more recent years, however never have we seen a main stream event host a sex party!

The visitors didn’t just consist of kinky couples and ‘brown rain coated’ men in glasses, it was an eclectic group of people ranging from the couple you might see out in a pub Sunday lunch time, to curious teenagers and school teachers. Of course the kinky crowd were out in full swing too, however it really was such a diverse crowd that really highlighted that British attitudes to sex are changing. It is becoming more acceptable to be open about sex and ones sexuality.

One of the workshops I decided to partake in was Jo Kings Kingesis Sensual Confidence. The reason for this were two fold; firstly I have admired Jo from afar for many years as a leader in burlesque and strip tease, but second of all because part of my job as a Sexpert is sexual empowerment and I was keen to see how Jo tackled this subject and her teaching methods. I can confirm that it was not what I expected in a good way – she covered a lot of the foundations through her interactive workshop. However there is far much more to learn so we got the tip of the ice burg in the 1 hour session. Women and men listen up. Do not use lack of confidence as an excuse for not being where you want in life and in love. If you don’t have it, get it. And with workshops like Jo’s accessible to everyone there is no reason not to be the confident person that you desire and deserve!

I was very sad to miss out on Rebecca Lowrie’s introduction to Tantra, but fear not, I will be connecting with this intriguing lady and will report back soon and share my findings.

I spoke to a number of authors of Erotic literature ladies such as Cara SutraVictoria BlisseLucy Felthouse and Zack Jane Keir, all of whom confirmed the rise in popularity of erotic literature, especially since E.L James bought bondage into the mainstream with a bang. If you want your real life sex slut tales then I can recommend this ladies controversial book: Roxana Shirazi The Last Living Slut. It’s currently keeping me entertained during the evenings.

Sex toys were a big thing, excuse the pun, and I spent a bit of time learning from Josh at Sweet Pleasure Direct which the popular toys were. I was kindly given the Magic Wand to test and review, so watch out for my video review cuming soon 😉

Sister Jacqui Moff from The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was there to serve the community and bless all that befell her with joy and radiance and fabulousness. I must purchase some cherry glasses!

Lastly the XXX arena was host to various UK porn Stars, including some of my personal favourites… The legend that is Linsey Dawn MckensieDaisy RockRebecca MoreZara DuRoseLu ElissaElla Huges and Lucia Love. All of whom took the time to chat to me and my camera man and share some sex tips discussing Real Sex verses Porn Sex.

Sex Education – Is It Enough?

Channel 4 highlighted a growing concern with their candid documentary Sex in Class last week, where Belgium Sexologist Goedele Liekens suggesting controversial radical new changes for sex education in schools including a compulsery Sex Education GCSE, and learning about masturbation.

With England being one of the highest countries in Western Eurpoe for teenage pregnancies and STD’s and 83% of teenagers under the age of 13 watching porn, it’s clear some drastic changes are needed.

I asked the people of Nottingham their views…


What you drink on a First Date says about you

So what does your first drink on a date say about you?

Beer draft – I’m a proper lads lad, like my beer, like to go out with the boys OR I can keep up with the boys I’m a ladette, and on it like a car bonnet!

Beer bottle – I’m a respectable sort of chap and I prefer quality over quantity – draft beer in restaurants is never good!

Double spirit – I need some of that Dutch courage

Soft drink – I’m serious about looking for love

Water tap water – I’m a cheap skate

Water bottled – I’m a little bland and some say I’m a snob

Blow job, slippery nipple or sex on the beach – I’m a perv (you’re a creep too if you say it with a smile!)

Snake bite – I wanna fight!!

Long Island – One of these and I’ll be sorted

Mojito – I’m a very patient person and not that thirsty right now

Courvoisier – I think I’m a rapper. Just call me Fif T

Grey goose – I think I’m cool I hear the V.I.P’s and celebs order it by the bottle

Wine and shot – I’m a wine guzzling piss head extraordinaire on a mission to get legless

Large wine – I am a wine whore, but I don’t think I’m that bad I only have 6 glasses a night that’s about half a bottle isn’t it?

Standard wine – I like to play it safe, I enjoy wine but in moderation

Spritzer – I like my wine but don’t want to get too pissed so I water it down

Gin – I like a good drink, but I’m emotionally unstable. I have my highs and I have my lows

Champagne – I have too much money, or I’m pretending to

Cava/Prosecco – I’m fun down to earth but like my bubbles

Tequila – I’m a little crazy, but in a good way

Shot (general) – I’m not bothered about eating on a date. Eatings cheating innit?

I wonder what the First Dates crowd will be drinking this evening 😉

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How Lazy are you in Love, Dating & Relationships?

Take this quiz to find out…

For every one that applies to you give yourself 1 point. Then tot up your score…
1.    You know what you want and you expect to be able to have it without developing yourself as a person. After all you think people should take you as you are or not at all

2.    You think you know best. If you can’t figure out your problems then no one else will be able to help

3.    You think if you see a therapist or coach that it is their job to ‘fix’ you during the time you spend with them and they shouldn’t require you to actually do anything – otherwise why would you pay someone?

4.    You haven’t got time to spend on self- development

5.    You expect dating and relationships to be easy

6.    You would rather cheat than end a relationship

7.    You would rather be unhappy than end a relationship

8.    You’re happy to ‘make do’

9.    You have decided online dating is a waste of time  

10. You’d rather chat on social media than approach and talk to a new person

11. Wholly committing and investing time and money in seeking someone to guide you on how to have better relationships and success dating seems a waste of time, after all if you wait long enough the man/woman of your dreams will magically appear and fall on your lap when you least expect it

12. You want to change your life, but you don’t actually change your life  

If you have answered yes to any of these, then you’re either in a relationship, but if you’re honest with yourself, not truly happy, or you’re single and looking or single and not officially looking however hoping that eventually your soul mate will appear before you at some point before you retire!



1-4 There’s no winners here. You’re lazy! However with a few tweaks you could be well on your way to finding relationship, love and dating happiness. If you want to discover how I can help you achive this then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.
5-8 Ok there’s no question about it, you are very lazy! There’s a lot to work on here if you want to achieve success and happiness in Love, dating and relationships. It is going to take an investment of time and patience. You get one shot at life, you can either ‘make do’ or choose to excell in all areas of your life and enjoy the happiness and fulfillment that comes from being in a healthy, loving mutually respectful relationship. If you feel the time is right and want to find out how I can be of assistance, contact me today!
9-12 Oh dear, you’re the laziest person ever! You must be really unhappy or bored with your life. If you ever want to experience the true happiness you deserve, if you get in touch with me, I’ll show you how.

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My Top 10 Tips for A First Date

  1. No phones

Emergency calls only are acceptable whether it’s the friend ‘get me out of here’ rescue call or you have children that are with a sitter who calls. If you need to make business calls – arrange your date at a time when you don’t. All other calls and texts should be left. The message that jumping to reply to every message, checking and updating your Facebook status and answering every call on a date sends is that ‘you’re not that interesting to me’, ‘my phone is my priority, you never will be’. Being on the phone hinders the ability to connect with your date, because of constant interruptions. Put your phone on silent and put it out of sight. A phone on the table means, the person intends to use it. You can always go to the bathroom if you need to check for emergency calls.

  1. Be interested and interesting

Sometime people worry so much about what to say on a date that they spend too much time talking and not enough time listening. Often this is due to nerves. Be self-aware. Remember if you’re the one asking the questions then they are the ones talking so you won’t have to worry about what to say.

  1. Avoid subjects like politics and religion

Both are a potential recipe for disaster, so to be on the safe side they are both best avoided, and also any subjects that evoke strong feelings or opinions might be better saved for later dates.

  1. Avoid talking negative about anyone – friends, ex’s and family

It doesn’t show good character to be talking to someone you don’t know negatively about others. Be diplomatic. If you don’t speak to your family, or members of, the way to handle this on a first date is to say that you don’t see them as often as you would like for various reasons and quickly direct a question back to them. Be wary of anyone that pries when you make it clear they are asking to many questions about an area you don’t want to discuss. If they can’t tell that you are uncomfortable and aren’t changing the subject it shows that they have a lack of self-awareness.

  1. Look for commonalities to build rapport

Start with easy ones, film, music, tv, then there’s interests, sport, dancing etc.. When you both like some of the same things it gives you a chance to bond and helps bring you closer together. Don’t avoid interests that aren’t common, however be aware if the person is interested or not. For example guys if you like computer games or football they are potentially subjects that would bore women and women if you like sewing and knitting they are not likely to be interesting to men. However if you do a martial art or extreme sport these are things many people find interesting even if they don’t do them.

  1. Don’t get drunk or drink lots to calm nerves

You may be tempted to drink alcohol before your date and during, however if you are looking to potentially get another date with this person then drinking will only jade your view of them, and it won’t give them a good impression of you. I would recommend for a first date having no more than one or two drinks altogether before and during your date. Remember that they will also feel nervous too. Allow your self to feel nervous, don’t fight it; think of it as excitement as this is the same feeling in the body. You will naturally relax as the date goes on as you build rapport and find common interests.

  1. First impressions count

Find out where you are going and research what sort of place it is so you can dress for the occasion. You want to be yourself and be comfortable, dress to impress however you need to be aware where you are going. Is the venue casual smart? Ladies – do you need sensible footwear for outdoors or can you wear your killer heels? Is the place uber smart? Guys do you need to wear a shirt? It’s essential that you be groomed. It shows that you care and shows you take pride in your appearance, which both men and women appreciate. Little things like clean hands and finger nails, trimmed nose and ear hair, shaved legs, tidy clean hair all portray if you are someone who looks after himself or herself.

  1. Location

Guys if you’re doing the food thing on a first date (and ladies if you get asked where you would like to go) sharing food places, for example tapas help to build connection and rapport over food. It’s very intimate to share food, and you are far likely to bond over food which you share than you are if you are both sat in front of individual plates of food. Be creative you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a date you can also food share by going on a picnic to a scenic or interesting location.

  1. Attentive to your date

Give your date your undivided attention. If your eyes are wandering around it shows a disinterest in the company you are with. Guys be aware if your lady is happy with her food or needs another drink.

  1. Be polite to everyone you encounter on your date

Here’s where you showcase your social skills and you can tell a lot from a person as to how they interact with others. Be polite and courteous to everyone – it shows that you have good manners. People are drawn to those have good social skills and the ability to effortlessly connect with others.


Remember dating is supposed to be fun. So don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. You are getting to know someone new which should be exciting. Don’t be thinking about what will happen next or if you will see them again, be in the moment and make the most of it. Happy dating!

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Sex! Are us Brits still Stiff upper lip?

Your country needs you!

…. To share your views on sex so that I can help spread the word in Great Britain about how much we have evolved as a nation regarding our views on sex.

With your help hopefully I can show that Britain has once and for all lost that stiff lip and gained more stiffness at the hip… ooo matron

I have 9 easy peasy multiple choice questions (7 about sex), which takes all of 2 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous, however if you leave an email address you do get a chance to win and Ann Summers Voucher!

Please feel free to share the link with your friends :)

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