How to Become an Escort – Here’s why you should *not* want to learn

If you’re thinking about a ‘career’ change and think escorting is an easy way to make money. Stop and think again…

The sex industry is NOT a business I recommend. I spent a decade as a self employed escort offering the Girlfriend Experience..

In this video I share a few of my tips…

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Why as an ex escort I can help you with your love and sex life

I went to a very interesting seminar the other weekend by Andy Harrington, who got me thinking about ‘my why’. Why I do what I do, and what drives me to work as a Sexpert and help people with their relationships and sex lives?

It’s something I had never considered before. My background is I went from convent school, to glamour modelling, peep show and then escorting, then subsequently Author and Sexpert.

I learnt alot about men during my time as an escort and all about what men really want, however as a woman I understood why they weren’t getting what they wanted, because I know equally what women want, and it all boils down to connection, communication and compromise.

It is my mission to ensure everyone has a mutually satisfying love and sex life, so they avoid infidelity and being miserable in relationships.

Watch my video to find an exclusive offer available to you today!

Are we Brits still prudes with our stiff upper lips? More Sexhibition…

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