The Sun reports – Love-cheat Stan Collymore got me pregnant with twins

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It breaks my heart to see 2 more irresponsible people making babies. Both passing the blame – Hayley; “he didn’t once ask to use protection”, Stan; “If it’s what I’m expecting, there are going to be lives wrecked forever, yours and mine included. I can’t stress that enough.” What role models these parents are for these poor kids! It’s shameful.

How many times do we hear “I didn’t know he was married”, “ I didn’t know he had a girlfriend”. Of course you didn’t! He wanted to have sex with you!

Having experience in the Sun I don’t know how much of this is true but if he went from Hero to Zero really? He begged for sex and he got it on the first night… what a hero!

Anyone can be nice but it doesn’t make them nice people, anyone can be a gentleman but it doesn’t make them a gentleman. Being either of these things is a way of life and how you treat all people, not picking and choosing odd moments to pull them out of the bag to get something you want.

 “He seemed genuinely interested in me”. There are many guys that will say what they think women want to hear to get them into bed. They know some women want the caring, thoughtful, gentleman and it’s an easy role to play. Once they get what they want they don’t want to know. Are women really that naïve to believe everything they are told?

Nowadays too many people want quick easy money and don’t want to work hard. Sadly this is the culture of many today. How about get pregnant by a footballer, have his babies and get mega bucks in child support? Then you’ll never have to work another day!  Any woman not wanting to get pregnant uses protection. Period. It’s the responsibility of any person who doesn’t want pregnancy to make sure protection is used – so in this case it was down to both of them.

Both people here acted selfishly and Stan wasn’t worried about his family and wrecking lives when he chose to go down the route of infidelity.

It seems he is doing all he can to try and discourage Haley from having the twins.

I feel for his current wife and children I wonder how they will be affected by his new *public* cheating scandle.