Dating Expert Rebecca Dakin shares her thoughts on the first 2 couples to date on Series 4 Take me Out The Gossip – Saturday 13th October show

Exciting times as the new series of Take me Out is back!

I really like what we are seeing so far. Lots of gorgeous girlies including a fellow Nottingham lass from my favourite bar/restaurant The Riverbank (who are sponsoring my competition), the very beautiful Jamilah. Lets hope she gets a date!

Kicking off we have 2 very gorgeous couples Dyneal and Lilly and Leigh and Chloe-Marie.

What I am liking about this series is that the guys seem very mature, so far, and these 2 guys were both real catches, as were the ladies if course 🙂

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Top 10 Things That Women Hate About Men

Ok there’s lots of things that annoy women about men, too many to count, just as I know there’s lots about women that bug men. However here I’m just going to highlight 10 things that bug women I’ve come up with…

1. Being overly dominant
When guys start telling women they can’t go here and there, or can’t wear that short skirt, it’s very unattractive. More fool the women that allow themselves to be dictated to! Men that behave like this are usually either insecure or a cheat.

2. Having a foul mouth
Every other word being a swear word isn’t cool, and it’s a huge turn off. Guys think how you would feel about a woman who did the same? It’s not manly. It suggests a lack of education/intelligence to be so uncreative with words that you have throw swear words in everywhere.

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Richard E. Grant Endorses my book The Girlfriend Experience

Richard E. Grant: Actor, Director and Author. Richard has appeared in over 80 films and television programs, such as Withnail And I, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Jack & Sarah, L.A. Story, Dracula, The Hound Of The Baskervilles, Gosford Park & The Iron Lady. In 2005 he directed his first major release, Wah-Wah.

I am excited to say that the very charming Richard endorses The Girlfriend Experience!

“I recently worked with Rebecca on a series for Sky Atlantic and during that time I heard all about her fascinating life and book The Girlfriend Experience. I really enjoyed reading her book and admire her candour and honesty.”

A series episode featuring Richard E. Grant and myself is due to be aired on 29th November 2012 on Sky Atlantic… more details coming soon.