Infidelity advice…. case study cheating husband

I have just started working with a gentleman who is cheating on his wife. With his consent I am documenting his situation, so that others can learn from it, and offering my advice and guidance, to hopefully save the marriage.

First, here’s a summary from Erik…

I’ve been married 19 years and have two children, 16 & 14.

I love my wife very much but I do not think that she loves me.

Our relationship has never been great. We have difficulty communicating with each other. Prior to marriage for about 1 year into it, the physical relationship was good.

Things started to change after that and I became dissatisfied with the frequency of sex.

I had my first, one time, affair on a business trip in 1993 (married 1 1/2 years at that point). I confessed it to her and we began marriage therapy.

The sex never really returned to a level where I was satisfied but I remained true for many years. In 1999, I had my second, one time, affair while on a business trip. This time I did not confess.

In late 2006, I began a long-term affair with a woman I met through The relationship was fun and light hearted and consisted of sex once a week at a motel and meeting for coffee once a week. There were a lot of email, calls, and IM chats between us. The affair ended in mid- 2007 my family and I moved to another state.

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