There’s a video here of me being a guinea pig for Mr Ross Jeffries 🙂


In my earlier post I discussed sleazy men, and on this short video clip Ross Jeffries shows how to sexualise with words and touch without being sleazy using basic NLP mirroring and matching techniques.

I found this information on line that explains in more detail Ross’s demonstration and suggests how this powerful technique can be used in other areas of our lives. This is incredibly powerful stuff.

Quote: ‘NLP Mirroring and Matching Techniques/The Importance of Rapport Building

Rapport building can be done by matching and mirroring a person’s expressions such as physiology that includes breathing,  posture, gestures and facial expressions; tonality that includes quality, pitch, speed and volume; and words that comprise of predicates used.

Rapport building skills can be used in any area of your life and on any person, as per Neuro-linguistic (NLP) courses. Rapport building might be required within your family, for your children or spouse. You can avoid conflicts with your spouse or better understand the thought processes of your child once you have developed a good rapport. It is very important in professional life as well, for getting along with superiors, subordinates and teammates. Rapport building is vital to group meetings, decision-making, or discussions where a good rapport can avoid conflicts, misunderstandings and arguments.  Using Neuro-linguistic training, you can establish a good rapport with your team leader or leader of a group.
After a strong rapport is built, you can better express your ideas and viewpoints to the leader, and the leader will be able to understand and acknowledge your skills and efforts.’

Reference: http://www.exforsys.com/tutorials/nlp/nlp-mirroring-and-matching-techniques/2.html

The spooky thing is, it really works! I had thought as a guinea pig I’d be immune to Ross’s powerful seduction techniques, but as you can see I’m clearly not. I turn into a giggley little girl! This stuff really works guys.

If you want to get the girls don’t be a sleaze ball, learn how to mirror and match, build rapport with women and they will respond in a positive way to your advances.