To expand on one of the questions I covered in this months FHM ….

Threesomes: do women fantasise about this in the way men do? If so, do they generally prefer two women, or two men?

Yes women fantasise about threesomes and both with men and women. Bringing a third party into a relationship is something that should be considered with caution, because there’s no going back once it’s been done and it can put a strain on the relationship and potentially cause break ups.

Women that engage in threesomes with other women just to please their men end up resentful, jealous and insecure. The same can happen if the threesome is with men, the guy can feel the same.

Those that are considering going down that route need to think about what it is they are seeking? Is it a third person that’s needed? Or more exploration between themselves?

There are lots of ways to spice up your sex life without bringing in someone else.

If your partner lacks confidence with her body and in herself she won’t appreciate you suggesting a threesome!

A good way to dip your toe in the water so to speak for a two girl scenario is to try going to a lap dancing club together as a couple, and if your girlfriend is comfortable getting a dance as a couple, if she’s loving it, get her a private dance. If she’s cool in that scenario then she may be open to a threesome.

My advice is to make sure it is someone neither of you know, preferably an escort, and let your girlfriend choose her. Boundaries have to be discussed and agreed first and then explained to the escort prior to the meeting. Also guys need to be aware of how their GF is feeling and watch her body language and physiology to check she is genuinely enjoying herself. She also must know that she has full control and can stop the meeting at any time she doesn’t feel comfortable or if she’s unsure.

I’d advise the same for a 2-man threesome.

Sometimes fantasies aren’t as good when they are played out in real life, some are best left to the imagination!

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