Ann Summers parties are sooo last year! The Girlfriend Experience book parties are the new thing for 2010 ;-p lol

The other Friday evening I went to my friends salon. Great salon btw! Limelite hairdressing in Nottingham, that’s LIMELITE hairdressing (shameless plug ;-p) Over the past few months my friends  Mel and Jenny who own a hairdressing salon have been regaling their clients with funny and shocking stories from my book – The Girlfriend Experience, and even letting them read a quick paragraph here and there, before whipping it away and saying if they wanted to read more they’d have to buy a copy. (Thanks ladies XXX) Thanks to them I have sold a number of copies to their clients 🙂 In fact there was so much interest that I suggested I went to the salon one evening to chat about my book, sign any copies that people had bought that hadn’t been signed, and sell further copies.

Around 12-14 people turned up to hear me talk and listen to stories I’d written about in my book. We had wine and nibbles to help things along 🙂 Many ladies had questions, and everyone seemed genuinely interested. I sold quite a few copies of my book and the evening was a success and lots of fun.

Some of the feedback I got from the evening was…

Mel, salon owner – ‘I thought the night was great because I have already read the book, so when you were telling us stories that are in the book it made the book seem even more real! I never stopped laughing! I loved the Fish Face story! It was a fun night of girls talking about girlie stuff and naughty stuff ;-p haha!’

Samantha, guest – ‘I didn’t know you but I knew all about you from Mel and Jenny! I saw Mel chuckling and reading your book as she was on reception when I arrived in the salon one day, and I was intrigued. She told me about your life as an escort and even let me read a few paragraphs from the book. I was amused and fascinated, and bought a copy there and then. When I heard that you were going to be coming to the salon, I couldn’t wait to get the opportunity to meet you in person, because I had lots of questions I wanted to ask. So for me the evening was fun and interesting.’

Karen, guest – ‘I bought a copy of your book before the Limelite do and although I was thoroughly enjoying it I hadn’t quite finished reading it. It was fantastic to hear you talking and to listen to some of the stories from the book. They were funny when I read them, but even funnier when I heard you tell them in person! I couldn’t wait to finish the book, and I went home and finished it the very next day. I was actually disappointed when I finished it. When’s book 2 out? 🙂 It was great to meet you!’

Laura, guest  ‘I’m not usually a reader but my sister who knows you isn’t a reader either had read it and raved about it, so I just had to read it too! I have two children so it took a while for me to get the opportunity to finish it, but I thought it was fantastic, and soooo interesting. I laughed out loud at some of the stories you told, and even grossed out my partner by reading some out to him. The evening at the salon was great fun :)’

Michelle, guest ‘I didn’t know much about you or the book, but I had a great time on Friday. It certainly made a change for a night out 🙂 It was thoroughly entertaining. Thank you for signing me a copy of your book. I can’t wait to read it! Especially after meeting you. Well done for getting a book published!’

Sarah, guest ‘ Loved the book and the evening at Limelite was fab! When’s book 2 out? I really enjoyed the diary entries. You’re so brave! x’

I currently have another 2 salons interested in me doing a similar thing, so I plan to do more nights like this.

If there is anyone that would like me to talk at their work place and think that they can get a good crowd together then please email me at b@miss-b.net  It can be any company/business.


Update… I have my second book party arranged for another Nottingham salon on the 4th March 🙂