I read an article in this week’s Grazia magasine on a controversial website. http://www.shesahomewrecker.com

She’s a Homewrecker.

So what is he exactly?

Who had a home and wrecked it? Him or her?  I completely agree with the Grazia journalist when she says, ‘who’s responsibility is it to keep your relationship safe and secure: his or hers?’

This website publically names and shames women who have taken another woman’s husband/man, with no mention of their husband. OK ‘He’s a homewrecker is ‘coming soon’, but it takes two to tango, so why are the websites separate?

It’s a website full of hatred and bitter women calling fellow women b’s and c’s and other atrocities. Quite frankly I think the men they were with had a lucky escape reading some of the posts by their ex’s. It’s not surprising their husbands/men left them.

What happened to the Girl Power of the Spice Girls so fiercely bought alive in the 80’s?

It’s now replaced by weak willed women who claim to want equality and power but choose to give away their power and self-respect at every opportunity by always blaming ‘the other woman’ for their equally weak willed men.

Kelly Brook wrote recently on Twitter (but later deleted it) that if more women acted like ladies then more men would be gentlemen or words to that effect. This is ridiculous, and once again steers the blame away from men.

It’s our responsibility as women to make sure we don’t sleep with married men, no. Lets not forget that not everyone is honest. So how do we know if the ‘other woman’ even knows about his family and wife?

It’s the responsibility of the individual in a relationship to make sure they don’t cheat. We are all in control of our own actions and need to take responsibility for our actions and consequences. If people cheat when they are under the influence it is still their responsibility because they made a choice to be out of control.

Men know that they have been given the green card by women to cheat because they know they won’t get the blame, it will always be the woman’s fault.

Look at all the cheating footballers that have women that have stayed by their side whilst they have had affairs, many of which are made public.

These women compromise their morals and self respect for a lifestyle. It is shameful.

Women who sleep with another woman’s husband or boyfriend are seen as letting the side down, however it is the other way around. The women who blame the other woman are letting the side down for women, because they are teaching men not to respect women because they allow them to cheat and get away with it by aiming most of their anger at ‘the other woman’ and then taking him back.

It’s no wonder guys keep cheating; do women not see it is actually fueling lack of respect for women?

Can we bring back Girl Power? Respect and love ourselves enough not to allow ourselves to be treated badly by men, and not blame other women for the behaviour of our men?