Lubrication is an essential part of bedroom kit in my opinion. There’s so much you can do with it, it’s not all about being dry down below, it’s about creating different sensations through play. Try these ideas and see what you think.

  • Thigh sex (for him). This is the perfect way to stimulate the vaginal lips and clitoris. Ladies lie back in missionary, cross your legs and squeeze a generous amount of lubrication on your clitoris. He then slides in between your legs creating friction on your clitoris from his pubic bone, and gliding over your vaginal lips to tantalise and tease. This is a great one if you’re not able or don’t want to have full penetrative sex because it feels very similar for him, once your legs are closed, and it’s highly arousing for her.
  • Hand jobs. I teach all about using lubrication for hand jobs in my Pro Job and Blow Job Masterclasses (…email me for more information). I always say the wetter the better. Try squirting lubrication onto your hands and using both hands one on top of the other (like you’re holding a pole… well you are sort of 😉 to masturbate him. I call this the Pleasure Tunnel. It can almost feel like he’s receiving a deep throat blow job. Try blind folding him!
  • Thigh sex (for her). Try squeezing lube on the clitoris and vulva, then grinding up and down his thigh. This is a type of tribbing, which is what lesbians do a lot of. You stimulate the clitoris using his leg and hairs as friction. Riding his thigh can bring you to an intense clitoral orgasm. You can also ride his penis without having it inside you. He lies on his back and you straddle him, however instead of inserting his penis, it lies flat and erect on his tummy and you glide up and down it. This one is a perfect one for foreplay before penetrative sex.
  • Tit wank. Contrary to belief you don’t need to have large breasts to facilitate a ‘tit wank’, in fact nipples are just as arousing. There are a number of ways to do this… if you have small breasts you may want to wank him onto your nipples, teasing his tip with your erect nipples. Put the lube on your breasts first, or get him to do it. If you have medium size breasts, then try lying on your side and squirting lubrication between your breasts, he lies sideways too facing you, his penis between your breasts. Large breasts, you can either lean over him to facilitate him with him on his back, or you can be on your back and push them together for him.
  • Bum cheek sex. I did this on my very first escort job in the States. It was a very curious request, however rather enjoyable. The idea is you squeeze lubrication between your cheeks, then he penetrates your cheeks, and glides upwards, being careful not to sneak it into your bum hole, unless you want him to! It looks and feels very similar to a tit wank, so it’s an interesting alternative to try. You could alternate it with the thigh sex from behind, so he’s gliding upwards between your cheeks, then downwards between your legs.

These tips and so much more can be found in my 101 Sex Tips book. The lubrication I recommend is for sale here, or contact me for free samples.