The Daily Mail has reported a Sex Cereal that Boosts Libido… Really?

Reignite the passion: Sex Cereal, which is currently only available in Canada, comes in two different varieties for men and women with the aim of enhancing libido

My opinion is it is the placebo effect just down to clever marketing … I mean who wouldn’t want to try a cereal that claimed to boost libido and came in some funky packaging?

Personally I’d stick to regular foods rather than get sucked into this marketing hype.

Here’s a small selection of aphrodisiac foods you may want to try…

1-    Raw oysters are a classic aphrodisiac. Oysters contain dopamine, which is a hormone known to increase libido. They are high in zinc, which increases testosterone production and raises sperm. Also if you are partial to them, the experience of sucking a raw oyster is erotic in itself. Why not incorporate it into your foreplay you feed her and then have her feed you. The slippery taste sensation combined with the sucking of the oyster out of its shell should get you both in the mood!

2-    Celery Random I know but did you know that celery is a fantastic source food for sexual stimulation? It’s because it contains androsterone, which is an odourless hormone released through male perspiration that turns women on.

3-    Advocado The Aztecs called the avocado tree “ahuacatl,” which translates as “testicle tree.” Whilst they ironically bear resemblance to that body part , they contain high levels of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins, resulting in giving you more energy. Vitamin B6 (a nutrient that increases male hormone production) is present and potassium, which helps regulate a woman’s thyroid gland. These 2 elements help increase libido in both women and men.

4-    Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which is believed to reverse impotence and increase libido. They are also great sources of potassium and B vitamins – like riboflavin, which increase the body’s energy levels.

5-   Chocolate Aside from the fact that most women find pleasure eating chocolate it also contains theobromine, which is an alkaloid, very similar to caffeine. It also contains phenylethylamine. This is a chemical believed to produce the feeling of ‘being in love’, which explains the good feeling that many women get when they eat it and why it is often the food of choice when stressful situations occur. So guys why not give it a whirl?!


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