I was asked to comment for last weekends Sun Newspaper on a new report that states women in lesbian relationships and bisexual women have more orgasms that women in heterosexual relationship’s. In my opinion there are a number of reasons for this…

  1. Women know women’s bodies, and what women want, how they like to be touched. They understand how to give clitoral pleasure. Often the touch of a woman is softer and less cumbersome than a man, meaning it can be more sensuous.
  2. The pressure is off with women on women its more about the the journey than the destination, knowing this takes the pressure off orgasm and therefore it’s more likely.
  3. With men they can sometimes view their sexual performance on their ability to make a woman orgasm, meaning women often don’t relax enough for it to happen. Both parties are under too much pressure.
  4. Mostly men don’t engage in enough foreplay. They get over excited and go for penetration far too soon. This I would say is the main reason that women with women have more orgasms. A woman needs at least 45 minutes of foreplay before intercourse.
  5. Women with women have to get more creative because although they can use a strap on they are not driven by it as a sexual organ like a man would be. So it becomes one of many sex toy options and part of foreplay.
  6. Guys don’t practice edging enough to help them last longer in the bedroom which is another reason they often ejaculate before a woman is ready and then it’s usually game over.

So guys take heed of my comments above and make the focus her pleasure without expectation. Get in tune with her body and connect with her mentally and emotionally and put her needs above your own, if you want to take her on a sensual journey that may or may not end in orgasm for her. Either way never make her feel bad if it doesn’t happen, remember its the journey and not the destination.

Girl on Girl