Hot news this week has been that Strictly Come dancing Stars Seann Walsh and Katya Jones were caught kissing – both in relationships with Katya the professional dsancer being married and Seann in a relationship with Rebecca Humphries. Rebecca set the record straight with a disturbing letter on Twitter.

The most concerning thing for me out of Rebecca’s acknowledgement of ‘the kiss’ is that she says Seann repeatedly, aggressively called her psycho/mental/nuts throughout their relationship.

This is mental and emotional abuse by an insecure, controlling person. If anything this incident has  done her a favour as it’s finally given her an excuse to find the courage to walk away from a toxic relationship. Today on World Mental Health Day this is particularly relevant.

Rebecca has expressed herself in a dignified and thoughtful way, and I wish her all the very best. Now she can rebuild her confidence and find someone worthy of her time and love.


10 Signs you’re in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship


  • You’re called derogatory names sometimes as a ‘joke’
  • If you try to address an issue in the relationship you’re shut down and made to feel like you’re being unreasonable
  • The simplest of things can turn into an argument, so you’re constantly treading on egg shells
  • They constantly bring up your past and sometimes liken your small misdemeaners to their big ones as a reason to not trust you
  • If you’re going out with friends an argument usually happens out of nowhere so you spend the night worrying and not enjoying yourself and it puts you off going out because it’s not worth the hassle
  • He/she puts you down about your appearance ‘you’re not going out in that are you?’ ‘That outfit makes you look fat’ ‘your hair looks a mess’
  • They like to play the victim and make you feel guilty
  • They blow hot and cold and seem to enjoy making you upset and then comforting you after
  • They act nice in front of your friends so your friends love them then turn on you in private/or they put you down constantly in front of your friends
  • They’re always intensley saying how much they love you and couldn’t live without you, however their behaviour makes you doubt them

If you’re in a relationship like this and would like help and support, please contact me directly to find out how I can help.