Ref: Take Me Out The Gossip Saturday 31st March

Please bear in mind that these are my views/thoughts and speculations based on the show Take Me Out The Gossip (the particular show link, I used for my reference is above). I don’t know any of these people personally, and these comments are based on an edited version of their dates.

Jo and Greig:

Wow what a knock out looking couple! There was physical attraction there on both sides initially. Greig showed some smooth moves during their Salsa class. Jo openly admitted she liked her men manly with chest hair, and Greg as adorable as he was even with the strong connection and attraction that they had, couldn’t make Jo see him in a sexual way because the rapport became one of friends. This could have happened because of a number of things – he shaved his chest so was a little metro sexual, but Jo referred to him as ‘a bit camp, he thinks he’s rough and ready but he’s not’, Greig maybe a little oblivious at that point (that that sentence means there’s no hope in hell of romance) says that he loves that Jo ‘says it how it is.’ He says on first impressions she was the sort of girl he’d spend the rest of his life with and Jo admits that she felt the same but empahizes the ‘first impression’. I think Jo felt that his macho exterior didn’t quite match up to his soft personality. She couldn’t say a bad word about him because he was/is simply adorable, but it’s another occasion (like the adorable Kenny and Becca) where the woman in the nicest possible way has needed a more manly man. Greig talked a lot about his feelings and complimented Jo constantly and I think it may have been too much for Jo. He may have come across as too intense. If you have rapport and connection, without physical attraction on one or both sides then it’s a strong bond for friendship. The ‘push pull’ technique may have worked with this couple if Greig had put it into play (see video link at the bottom).

A major faux pas was letting Jo get chatted up when he met up with her in the Uk for a weekend. This is where he could have stepped up. For men to have openly been talking and chatting to her in front of him, the body language and vibes must have suggested there was no chemistry between the two of them and that they were not an item. Which I know is true, but he might have been able to turn things around if he’d handled this situation differently. I’m not suggesting that he should have made a scene when guys chatted her up but he needed to jump into alpha male role and let people know that he was with this woman even if only for a night or two as friends. Maybe Jo may have needed someone to play a little bit hard to get, and to show a bit of jealousy/protectiveness. Greig thought he was playing it cool and doing the right thing. It’s disrespectful for guys to be approaching her, so they were pushing boundaries and she will have been watching how he handled it. Even they could sense his lack of certainty/confidence and could sniff out that he was a soft touch. This could have been what nailed the coffin for their friendship. When they agreed to be friends it seemed as though it was her choice and not his – he was going along with her wishes. He fancied the pants off her, and what hot-blooded male wouldn’t?

Hey if you’re reading this Greig I’m up for a date! ;-p

Fiona and Matt:

I think exotic looking Fiona realized pretty quickly that she didn’t want any romance with Matt. She openly admits that she likes to push and test guys to see how much they will put up with and what she can get them to do and then when they comply loses all respect for them. Fiona is a strong minded and determined woman, she wants a man that challenges her and stands up to her – and as she openly admits, doesn’t put up with her ‘crap’.

Fiona didn’t like the fact that Matt was super skinny because her type is heavy built triangle shaped blokes. Pushing him in the water may have been to test his response; if she was going to get a reaction, and when she didn’t she lost respect. In her words she couldn’t date Matt because she would ‘destroy him’, she doesn’t like guys that fall at her feet and do everything for her, which is why she tests them out early on. Fiona was very quick witted for Matt and it seemed he couldn’t keep up and was slightly intimidated because as a comedian he was used to being the funny one, so he felt under a huge amount of pressure to be funny and entertain and in the end I think he may have crumbled under the pressure and wasn’t able to express his full personality. Which is a shame.  They were both great, attractive people but just very badly suited. I think Matt would benefit from learning the push/pull technique video linked below.

Bambos and Katie:

Here’s a fascinating couple. This is s classic example of signals being misread. Most guys would be scared stiff by a woman who had planned her wedding dress/venue/menu etc… but Bambos was smitten.

Obviously Katie is an attractive woman, and she certainly put Bambos through his paces, interrogating him to the third degree, but rather than find it annoying he thought he was winning brownie points by answering all her questions and keeping up.

Here’s where the signals got mixed. Katie was asking him questions to see if he would be the right suitor. She is ready to commit, but what guys forget is that it can mean a woman knows what she wants and is very particular. Perhaps Bambos thought because he was jumping through the hoops that he had this one in the bag because the physical attraction was there on both sides. But for Katie Fernandos was just the start of things. She definitely is someone that wants to take her time getting to know someone. Some of the answers he gave her to the questions Katie said she felt they were ‘text book’ answers so she started digging deeper, she wanted to find out if he was just saying the right things for the sake of it, or if he was genuine.

Bambos may have took Katie’s eagerness to settle down with someone as she was eager for that person to be him. He offered her a relationship when they were on the plane home and she told him he was too keen and it was too soon. Poor lad lol. He had read the signs that she wanted more and put himself out there. He then persisted and sent his work rota when they got back so he could arrange to see her, and once again he was knocked back.

On TMOTG Katie said she liked the chase, and he was way too keen but if this is true then he was onto a loser straight away, the signals she was sending were mixed and it’s not surprised he got confused. Even the other couples referred to them as a ‘love story’. Once again this is where Bambos could have used the push/pull technique. This would have created a challenge for her and because she openly admits she enjoys the chase, I have no doubt that she would have enjoyed ‘the game’ of push/pull.

I think the potential problem here is that Katie because of the mixed signals she gives out will always attract people like Bambos who are keen and willing to commit, and not the ones that enjoy a bit of a chase because they will be scared off by the whole wedding plans. If the show’s an accurate portrayal, there’s no congruency with the signs she’s sending out and her words/actions.

I wish them both the best of luck!