Sadly as the 3rd Series of Take Me Out comes to a close I’m about to look at the final couples and to summarize the series. Here’s part one from the dates arranged on last weeks show.

Ref: Take Me Out The Gossip Saturday 7th April. http://www.itv.com/  (temporary video link for Uk viewers)

Please bear in mind that these are my views/thoughts and speculations based on the show Take Me Out The Gossip (the particular show link, I used for my reference is above). I don’t know any of these people personally, and these comments are based on an edited version of their dates.

Firstly lets look at Steph and Doug:

It was so endearing when Steph didn’t think she’d get picked. She’s a very attractive lady so it’s a shame she doesn’t have a little more confidence.

I had high hopes for these two. For both of them there was an intense physical attraction and they clearly felt rapport from the outset as they both said they felt like they had known each other for years. They both seemed genuinely lovely people.

Steph did mention that things were so good that she thought they were too good to be true. Doug was the perfect gent, and showed admirable assertiveness for someone so young. It’s not surprising that he gets to date women older than himself because whether consciously or not, he understands about rapport, taking the lead and being confident. He knew he had the connection and that Steph would agree to a second date, which is why he asked her early on. He planned that he was going to cook a roast with all the trimmings and then take her out on his motorbike. Women like a guy who is confident and assertive. Brownie points for Doug!

In true holiday romance style they fully engulfed themselves in their romance whilst away, and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other making some of the other guys/girls envious that didn’t have that connection.

True to his word he arranged a date with Steph back in the Uk and they met a few times, but in the end they realised they wanted different things. It seems Steph was ready to settle down however, it’s not surprising at his young age that Doug isn’t. He enjoys the company of older ladies, but the thing is most of them will want to settle down so I can’t see him potentially getting in any long term relationships with older women for this reason.

I wish them both the best of luck.


Next we had Annie and Rob:

Rob was the first person Annie left her light on for when she got picked. When they met at Fernando’s Rob said that Annie was just as he remembered her and that he made the right choice.

Sadly in a clumsy man way he offended her from the start, and because he was seemingly oblivious Annie put her barriers up, and the date was doomed from then on, because Rob made no attempt to redeem himself and dig himself out of the hole.

Rob doesn’t seem to understand about rapport and connection because he tried to hold her hand. This isn’t something you can do if you haven’t got a connection with someone. Needless to say Annie was uncomfortable with this.

Annie is smart cookie and owns her own burger van. I think she’s very savvy for someone so young. Rob genuinely thought it was a joke, which is where he made the first mistake. He could have dug himself out if he’d realized he had offended her, but it seems he was oblivious. For anyone who has created their own successful business from scratch to not be commended for it, and for someone to consider it a ‘joke’ is incredibly offensive. I suspect he didn’t show any interest or ask her any questions about it. If he had have done he could have turned things around. Rob is definitely a nice guy but I think perhaps he lacks a bit of self-awareness. Annie felt he was looking down on her because of her job, but I genuinely don’t think he was, he just didn’t take her seriously.

Annie tried to move forwards from there and did give Rob a chance to praise her and make her feel special, by asking him why he picked her. However his answer was ‘he didn’t know’. Oh Rob! Wrong answer. There must have been a reason, to not know the answer to the question would seem that he wasn’t really in the moment and maybe he was too aware of the cameras. Every woman likes to feel special. If you can learn to turn on the charm a bit, compliment women and be genuinely interested in them I’m sure you’ll have great success with dating. You need more than those good looks y’know ;-p 

Good luck to them both and Annie; Respect for having your own business!


Thirdly we have Cony and Luke:

Aw I feel quite sorry for Luke because it did seem that he was genuine and was hoping for romance on the Isle of Fernando’s. However for sexy, feisty Cony it seemed she was just desperate to get to Fernando’s with the series coming to a close, because she lied about liking cats to get Luke to pick her.

They had a snorkeling date but Cony didn’t go in the water. It’s like going on a dinner date and someone not showing up. It was a shame she didn’t make the effort to join in.  Sadly it did make things awkward and form a barrier from the start.

From the clip it looked although conversation was minimal at dinner, which didn’t do anything to dispel the rising tension between the pair.

Luke says it was his worst date ever. He tried to ask what sort of guy she went for and she said ‘tall, dark and handsome’ to tell him he wasn’t her type. But Coney he IS tall dark and handsome!

Both of them are very attractive, and Cony seemed great fun in a cheeky way, so I am confident that they will both find what they are looking for.


Part 2 coming soon – the last of the dates from 7th April show….. To be continued.