How do you know if you’re sleazy?

1)   Do you always have to have some sort of physical contact with women when you speak to them?

2)   Do you consider it appropriate to touch a woman’s waist, bum when you speak to her?

3)   Do you make a lot of sexual innuendos and/or suggestive comments?…….

4)   Do you get excitable when talking to women that you fancy?

5)   Do you ask personal questions to the women you meet or make personal comments?

6)   Are you always trying to hug women?

7)   Do your friends tell you you are sleazy?

8)   Do you make comments to women that some people consider inappropriate?

9)   Do you find it difficult to keep eye contact with a lady without your eyes wandering to her breasts or leering generally over her body?

If one or more of these apply to you, you are potentially a sleaze ball.

When you see people cringe and laugh you probably think your behaviour is being taken in good spirits. Trust me it’s not. As soon as your back is turned people will be commenting on your sleazy behaviour. You will probably be completely oblivious that women are trying their best to avoid you.

If you are a sleaze ball then although you will think you have many women that are friends and/or fancy you, this will be a completely untrue.

Women will feel incredibly uncomfortable around you, and we all know that discomfort (especially our own) is not a feeling we savour. We all want to feel comfortable around people.

So what do you do to change if you are a sleaze? Stop seeing women as sexual objects and start treating them like people. Make the yes questions above, a no! And you will notice that women behave differently towards you, and start wanting to spend time around you.

There are ways to touch women that aren’t suggestive or sexual that will build a connection/attraction and I’ll cover these in a later post.

That’s all for now folks! In the meantime enjoy this bit of sleaze 🙂