Relationship, Sex Education for Teenagers & Young People


With children as young as 8 viewing porn, and child molestation being rife, it’s vital we have conversations around consent, private parts and changing bodies.

This virtual session is for you if…

  • You would like to know how to talk to children about consent, sex and puberty
  • You’re a parent with shame/embarrassment around sex that you don’t want to project onto children
  • You’re a parent that wants to join a session with a child to have open conversations around sex, body parts and how babies are made (you as the parent choose the topics we cover)
  • You have a teenager who doesn’t want to talk to you about sex, masturbation, contraception, stds etc… (I can do the 1 to 1 with them)



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I have a natural ability to make people feel at ease with the very matter of fact way I talk about sex. I have 20 years experience in this field and have worked for Childline and Durex. Before lock down I was hosting sex education classes for parents with teenagers at my home. I featured as a sexpert in the TV show Sex Pod. There is nothing I won't talk about. My belief is that children need age appropriate information around bodies and sex to keep them safe and help them make positive choices around sex, relationships and intimacy when the time is right for them when they reach the age of consent. Consent is key.

All children age 4 and above, in my opinion, need to learn about the sacredness of the menstrual cycle so we break down the stigma of it being something dirty and shameful. I only use correct terminology for body parts and believe that they need to know the differentiation between a vulva and vagina. I also encourage children (that are touching themselves) to do it in private so they don't form the belief that what they are doing is wrong.

Book your session today and let me help you navigate what can be a challenging and embarrassing subject for all, so that first and foremost you can help your children make the right choices around sex when the time comes and help keep them safe from the predators in our midst.


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