Pin Wheel for Sensory Play


Don’t let the look of this scare you off, it might look lethal however it can be used gently and lightly without pressure to create a unique tickling sensation on the skin. This was originally made by Dr Wartenburg to test nerve reactions and has since been popular for fetish/medical and BDSM sensory play. Whilst it can be used to inflict pain it’s the pressure that creates this, I personally like a gentler approach that doesn’t leave my skin marked. It works extremely well on erogenous zones, and areas where the skin is thin and sensitive near the joints, for example inner elbow, back of knees, inner thighs and pubic bone and try it across the palm of your hand.

The wheel has 3 rows of spikes, which won’t pierce your skin unless you try to make it! It rolls effortlessly when you push it forwards, and if you want to add pressure this is when you can explore the pain/pleasure barrier, however make sure you have your safe word in place.

Try it you might like it!

Check out my Ultimate Bondage Kit for a bundle with the wheel and other bondage accessories.

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