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Are you… Feeling stuck in your sex life? Experiencing low libido or Sexual dysfunction? Frustrated with a lack of foreplay? Struggling to communicate your sexual wants and desires? Maybe you have kinks and fetishes you wish to explore? Or perhaps you’re experiencing shame around sex, and/or your body due to past trauma or religious beliefs? Whatever your challenges, I can help!

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As The Great British Sexpert I have over 20 years hands on -experience in the sex industry and I’m passionate about encouraging fellow Brits and people worldwide to prioritise their sex lives and to have more sex!

Sex and intimacy are essential to our emotional and physical wellbeing. They help us form relationships, connect to others and navigate the inevitable stressors of day-to-day life.

Let’s not beat around the bush (pun intended); most of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for sex, so let’s start getting comfortable with talking about it. Talking openly and matter-of-factly about sex is what I do best which allows, even the most timid and inexperienced person, to open-up to me about their sexual woes.

Whether you are single or in a relationship if you’re not feeling fulfilled in your sex life, or your partner isn’t, then you are in the right place! Read on…

Here is a small selection of areas I can assist with…

  • Spicing up your sex life
  • Navigating sex and the menopause
  • Reigniting the passion and desire post baby
  • Managing different libidos
  • Reigniting sexual desire after lost libido
  • Sexual dysfunction for M/F
  • Losing shame around your body/sex/masturbation
  • Moving on from sexual trauma
  • Exploring kinks and fetishes
  • How to communicate your sexual wants and desires to your partner
  • Keeping the emotional connection after rejecting sex
  • Masturbation tips
  • Starting out with bondage and mild BDSM
  • Discovering fantasies and role play
  • Advising parents on how to broach the subject of sex in an age-appropriate way to make it comfortable for everyone
  • First time having sex, knowing when you’re ready and how to prepare to make sure it is safe and consensual
  • Pleasure spots and trigger points on the penis/vulva
  • Techniques for masterful masturbation m/f
  • Finding erogenous zones and different ways to stimulate them
  • Extended foreplay techniques
  • Discussing non-monogamy options
  • Exploring kinks and fetishes without judgment
  • Moving past sexual dysfunction
  • Using lubrication for enhancing sex techniques
  • Alternative penetration (including arm-pit sex)
  • Oral sex enhance performance and deliver like a pro
  • Moving past infidelity, rebuilding trust and infidelity proofing your relationship
  • How to discover and communicate effectively what you want in the bedroom
  • Using edging and orgasm denial for explosive orgasms
  • Skilful flirting as foreplay
  • 10 different types of orgasm… what they are and how to experience them
  • Using anticipation to increase arousal
  • How to experience full body orgasm

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