ID Glide


This multi award winning lubricant is my lubricant of choice. It’s won best lubricant at The Erotic Trade Show for the past 7 years, and the reasons are this; is it’s slick, none sticky, lasts and a little goes a long way. Its water based so safe to use on your intimate areas, with sex toys and with condoms. Glide is smooth, silky, relatively tasteless and comes back to life with a little bit of saliva to keep the pleasure going.

Once you try it I guarantee you will be back for more! And if you want to buy it by the gallon, then let me know, it can be arranged. However, whilst you try, choose from of the smaller sizes available here, or contact me to send you a free sample.

Glide 2.2 floz £7.49 (GLD-02)
Glide 4.4 floz £9.99 (GLD-04)
Glide 8.5 floz £12.99 (GLD-08)

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Glide 2.2 floz, Glide 4.4 floz, Glide 8.5 floz


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