Electro Probe for sensory/electro play


Do you want to turn up the voltage in your kinky sex play? This item will guarantee some shocking behaviour! Whether you want to intensify your current BDSM antics, or simply enhance your sex play and pleasure and punish as you see fit. Waves of pleasurable endorphins will flood the body and deliver an incredibly intense and thrilling high, unlike anything else you’ve felt before. Trust me sparks will fly…in a good way!

Use it all over the body to create spine tingling sensations. It can also be used with the pin wheel to great effect.

The sensation from this probe are similar to that of a tens machine – a pulsing tingle that travels through the muscles and can cause them to contract. 9 levels of fully adjustable power, on higher levels it’s possible to see fingers and even arms twitching uncontrollably, which is very entertaining and completely safe providing you stay away from the chest area. These are absolutely fine to use on the genital region of either men or women, indeed this is one of the safer areas as it is far away from the heart and head.

Comes with instruction manual. Powered by 1 AA battery (not included).

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