It’s very English to not want to talk about penises, so this is a great documentary. It’s just quite saddening that the women Lawrence is talking to (even nurses) are reinforcing the belief that men have that women prefer larger penises.

I think that women speak from bravado thinking that they are being smart, following the crowd, and what they think is cool to say, when they talk of how much they love big dicks.

I don’t believe that every woman who says they love them is being honest.

Women that orgasm through stimulation near the cervix known as The Deep Spot Orgasm would appreciate a large penis.

However there are a number of orgasms those men with smaller penises can achieve with their partner and they include the clitoral orgasm, the vaginal orgasm and the G- Spot orgasm.

Bearing in mind that the G-Spot is only 3 inches inside a woman a large penis is really not needed, a small penis can hit the spot just right.

Something else to consider is that exceptionally larger men usually have penises that won’t fully erect because they are so big. Many also think that because they are large that their penis is all the woman wants, so they are sometimes less focused on foreplay and unpracticed/unskilled at giving oral sex. Of course I am generalizing there will be many exceptions.

Some women find large penises uncomfortable, and there are certain positions that they won’t be able to fully enjoy. For example ‘from behind’ or doggy style. This is very deep penetration, so if the guy is big she may not be able to relax to let him fully enter. Women will often prefer to be on top where they can control the depth.

Those with smaller penises rely more on sexual technique and are generally more sensitive lovers. The problem is that men that are not comfortable with their penis will be so focused on it and not feeling adequate that they won’t relax fully to pleasure a woman. So it’s a problem mentally and not physically.

Hence why maybe many women say they prefer larger ones, because men with larger penises are more confident.

 It really boils down to being confident with what you have.

I find it hypocritical that women find it acceptable to make fun of someone’s penis size yet if men mocked small breasts there would be uproar! It’s the same with breasts as it is with penises it’s about accepting what you have, and your lover enjoying what you have regardless of boob or penis size.

The poor American guy on the programme (Jerod) who’s been out with girls who mock his penis size has had a penis enlargement! Lawrence is right. They are not nice people. He naively thinks that now he has a penis enlargement that his girlfriend won’t cheat. His penis size before was larger than average at 7”. His insecurities will mean he attracts women that cheat regardless of his size.

I’d want to work with him and find out why he’s picking women that reinforce the belief that he isn’t good enough as a lover and partner because of his penis size.

All in all I think Lawrence did a fantastic job of getting the British public to open up and discuss penises. I think many guys will find this a refreshing watch.

You can see it here on playback –


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