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Online Dating Profile: Step 3

What do you offer?

You need to be aware of your value and what you can bring to a relationship. If you are unaware of your qualities ask a friend of the opposite sex. Your online dating profile is basically your sales pitch, or  job application. You have to sell yourself, and dangle the carrot so to speak, to draw people in. When you are writing your profile you will get matched with others not only based on your interests but also personality traits, so the more qualities you mention the more refined your matches will be. You need to portray your qualities in a way that appeals to members of the opposite sex, so if you understand what the opposite sex is generally seeking you can check the congruency of what you offer.


What are men generally looking for in an online dating profile?

1)   A woman that is confident and has her own life and own friends

2)   A woman that is caring and affectionate, and a potential good mother

3)   A woman to make him feel like a man – to be needed, without being needy

4)   A woman who doesn’t nag or put him under pressure

5)   A woman who thinks like a man but doesn’t act like one. Ie; doesn’t analyze everything and someone who is laid back and not too demanding

6)   Comfortable with her body, intimacy and sex

7)   A woman they are physically attracted to, who takes pride in her appearance

8)   A woman who is spontaneous and fun

9)   Loyal

10) Sense of humour

11)  Someone who is not bitter about men, so no negative emotional baggage

12) A woman who is feminine

13)  To feel desired


What are women generally looking for in an online dating profile?


1) A man that can offer them some sort of security and care for them

2) A man who’s not afraid of commitments (own home, business, previous long term relationships)

3) Someone who has goals and wants to achieve things in life (this doesn’t need to be monetary/business related, it could be he ultimately wants to have a family, house in the country, or travel the world

4) Loyalty

5) Maturity/responsibility but also a sense of fun

6) Someone that’s assertive and can take control of a situation – a leader

7) Confidence

8) Emotional support

9) A good listener and a good communicator

10) To be loved and appreciated

11) Someone that’s proactive and will make suggestions/plans/organise things to do together

12) Common sense and a certain amount of intelligence (I don’t mean a Degree!)

13) To feel desired

14) Someone who will stand up to them and who isn’t a push over

15) good sense of humour, someone who can make them laugh


Online dating profile tips:

Make sure when you write your profile that you mention some of the keys things that you offer that women/men are looking for. If you’re not sure again ask friends of the opposite sex what attracts them to a potential partner.