I met a gorgeous girl yesterday who said she wasn’t having any luck with online dating and said that she received lots of photos of men’s private parts.

I invited her to show me her profile because I knew that I would be able to see what the problem was in a matter of seconds.

And I was right, here it is…

Likes to have a laugh

Not looking for a relationship

What do these things say? ‘Likes to have a laugh’ could be read as ‘good time girl’ and ‘not looking for a relationship’ could be interpreted as just looking for a f*$k buddy or buddies 😉

Combine that with the fact there was nothing about her personality (she only talked about her interests) and nothing in there about what qualities she was looking for in a man – and you can guarantee that the responses will be from young lads looking for a ‘shag’.

When I questioned if she wanted a relationship she said yes but not with someone over eager. Saying you want a relationship doesn’t mean you want one with everyone you see and visa versa. It’s an ultimate goal if the right person comes along. So think carefully when you are filling in the section on what you are looking for, be mindful about who it will attract. If you want to date with the view to eventually having a relationship then it’s a relationship you are looking for, make sure this is clear to avoid time wasters.

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