15 September 2009, 16:22:57

New Amazon review — thanks sooo much XXX

By RRS Bransfield (North of England) –

This is a recommended read for anyone seeking genuine insight into a world underpinned by privacy and discretion.

The book explores a manifestation of `the oldest profession’ in which sex appears to play a less prominent role, but genuine emotional connection is key, even if only temporary.

One of the most compelling aspects is the compilation of contributions from family and close friends, documenting their views on the author’s fulfilment of her chosen profession – a brave and unglamourised addition.

The other, is the inclusion of numerous, extended diary accounts of actual dates, which are fresh and fun to read.

The author comes across as a genuinely caring and grounded individual, a passionate advocate for her vocation, who is both capable and willing to work hard, to achieve the success which she deserves and seems to have achieved.