Is upon us once more! I think it’s important that we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves to orgasm when having sex, and that includes men and women, because it can cause a huge amount of anxiety.

Sex is a journey not a destination, so enjoy the ride!

And whilst you’re at it if you’re female you can explore the different types of orgasm…

  1. Clitoral. There are thousands of nerve endings in this little beast, and the internal part of the clitoris has two long stems.
  2. Vaginal. If you’re one of the lucky few that can experience this type of orgasm then appreciate it!
  3. Skin. Our biggest organ is our skin. It’s covered in nerve endings and various erogenous zones. Sensory stimulation of erogenous zones can lead to a skin orgasm.
  4. Mind. Ever had one of those wet dreams? Yes, our mind can create an orgasm with no physical touch. Try it. Read some erotica and try and feel as though it’s happening to you.
  5. Nipple/Breast. Again, rich with nerve endings, with the right technique many women can experience orgasm. Try getting your partner to lick your nipples and suckle on them. Breast orgasm can be experienced through massage alone.
  6. Cervical. If he or ‘it’ hits the right spot up there then a cervical orgasm can be experienced. It’s a bit hit and miss this one, but worth a try eh?
  7. G Spot orgasm. The Graffenburg spot named after the gynaecologist that found it, is a sweet spot 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. It’s textured and when stimulated can make you want to pee. Pee before-hand then allow then allow the feeling to pass, and you may experience a G Spot orgasm.
  8. Ejaculation. This is often a result of G Spot stimulation where the vagina expels a significant amount of fluid. There is some debate about whether this is pee, however most research suggests it isn’t.
  9. A Spot. Anterior Fornix is a jackpot known as the Deep Spot. Like the G-spot, it’s located on the front wall of the vagina—the one closest to the belly button—but it’s situated a few inches deeper, right in front of the cervix. If he hits this you’ll know about it! Practice getting comfortable and relaxed with deep penetration.
  10. Anal. There are just as many nerve endings in the anus as there are in the vulva, and some women report that they can stimulate their G Spot through anal sex. Make sure you use lots of lube for this one!
  11. Oral. You can get an oral orgasm from kissing, from giving him oral sex. If ever there’s a reason to spend more time kissing surely this is it! Apparently at the back of your throat, stimulated during deep throating, there are glands that can experience orgasm!
  12. Full body. This is a tantric practice where a full body orgasm, spine tingling, toe curling, deep groaning orgasm can be experienced through movement of energy, without a single touch to the body. I know! Awesome right?!
  13. Blended. This is when you have a clitoral orgasm at the same time as having a vaginal. It’s basically experiencing 2 orgasms at the same time, so combine any of the above!
  14. Multiple. One orgasm after the other is known as multiple orgasm. You may or may not be stimulated and aroused in between orgasms.

So there you have it, that should keep you busy have fun exploring but remember to not put pressure on yourself or for your partner to feel pressure just relax and have fun, and your body will do the rest!

National oragsm day