Maybe you’ve heard and maybe you haven’t, however for those of you not in the know, I do classes, workshops if you will, teaching tips from my 101 Sex Tips book. The classes are fun, informative in a very relaxed environment from my home.

I host them monthly at my home in Nottingham for 10 women (gay men also welcome) at a time. Tonights class, The Pro Job Masterclass, I teach how to give a blow job without using your mouth. Yes you heard that right! some of the feedback I’ve had has been incredible.


Tasha says, “my husband is already wanting to book me on the next class. He was blown away by what I learnt at your Pro Job Masterclass”

Gabriella says, “it’s normal to feel nervous before going to a class for the first time, however you are so welcoming and matter of fact that the whole evening was fun, entertaining and I loved learning all the new techniques to try on my man. He of course was very happy I went to your class!”

Bella says, “book me on your next class! I literally had him begging for more. He told me it was the most erotic, intense experience of his life. ‘What the F did you just do?’ I think was the question after he had got his breath back”


If you’re interested to come along, or would like a private one to one class, then send me a message. At the moment this is in Nottingham for the class or one to one in person, or via Skype if you’re further afield.

You can buy a signed copy of my 101 Sex Tips book…. here


Here’s a photo from my Blow Job Masterclass, this was to an audience of 20!