I was trying to understand why I have been so upset about newspapers printing stuff that’s in the book.

The thing is I wrote the book to try and show people that there was so much more to escorting than what people think, which is that men only pay for sex. Since the press want to just discuss and print all the graphic sex making me out to be a convent girl and sex crazed loon that became a hooker, it’s a little frustrating to say the least.

Because the things they printed are taken out of context it doesn’t really achieve what I wanted it to achieve. I’m trying my best to think that any publicity is good publicity but I’m having second thoughts (no good now I know!) now as to whether I have done the right thing by putting my face and name to it.

I stumbled accross an interesting blog that’s now a book (the book arrived today) Bete De Jour – The Intimate Adventures of an Ugly Man, and this guy who from what I can gleam discusses his various sex exploits, dating and experiences with women in general. I’m not sure yet if it’s as graphic as mine. I’m in the middle of a book at the mo, but it’s next on the list. And he has used a pseudonym and hasn’t put his face to it.

Belle De Jour is anonymous as are various other books where people discuss their sex lives so I’m beginning to ponder what on earth was I thinking!

I know there’s no going back now. I haven’t regretted anything I’ve done in my life so far, but hopefully I won’t regret this.