As a sex and relationship expert, here’s my ratings for compatibility for the latest batch of Love Islanders…

Amy and Curtis

Curtis is my fave boy. He’s kind, thoughtful, a good listener and affectionate, however I think he’s playing a good game. Amy is clearly more into him than he is into her. Amy is lovely but has major insecurity issues, so she needs to be careful she doesn’t unconsciously push him away. He will need lots of patience, persistence and understanding for this to last outside of the villa, however I’m not convinced based on last nights show that he sees a future with Amy.

Compatibility rating 5/10

Molly-Mae and Danny

Let’s not forget that Molly-Mae only decided she wanted Tommy when Maura made a play for him. Molly-Mae is a girl that gets what she wants and is fiercely competitive so when there was a chance of losing him she couldn’t bare the thought of someone else having him. She’s in it to win it! I’m not convinced that she has any genuine feelings for him. Her over reaction to the Tweet saying she was in it for the money suggests it hit a home truth.

Compatibility rating 4/10 

Tom and Maura

Maura was quick to forgive Tom after his faux pas. I think she’s in there to create tv gold drama (which she is doing very well), and has her eyes firmly on the prize. I don’t believe either of them have genuine feelings for each other. I think they fancy each other but that’s all. Last night saw Maura find out Tom had been questioning their compatibility, so I do think he will be the one to jump ship if the opportunity arises.

Compatibility rating 3/10 

Amber and Michael

This couple are perfect for each other! Micheal likes a challenge and loves Ambers feistiness. Amber relishes the softer side of his manly exterior and they both respect each other and are genuinely affectionate towards one another. These 2 have genuine feelings for each other and will likely be the only couple to survive outside of the villa. This cute couple are the winners in my eyes.

Compatibility rating 9/10

Jordan and Anna

For these guys there is a strong physical attraction. I think they’re connecting on a deeper level. I’m glad that Jordan called Anna out for being childish. It shows that he’s assertive and won’t take any crap. She needs a man like him to pull her into line. I think these guys have a chance of staying together, at least in the villa.

Compatibility rating 7/10

Danny and Arabella

They both fancy each other and that’s clear to see, however as models they’re only seeing each other on a superficial level. The connection that they talk about has no quality or depth, and this you can see from their dull conversations. I think they are a wishy washy couple who will stay together whilst in the villa however go their seperate ways once they leave.

Compatibility rating 1/10 

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