The Star reports on Jenny Thompson’s ‘Bang To Writes’ Book: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/Jenny-Thompson-s-kinky-romps-with-sports-stars-revealed-in-book

As an escort discretion is of paramount importance so it is sad to see that now Jenny is no longer escorting, she clearly doesn’t care, as the clients confidentiality is breached. In my book, The Girlfriend Experience, I changed not only names, but locations, descriptions and any hints that might give away the people I wrote about.

Whilst I don’t condone the kiss and tell culture I equally don’t condone cheating footballers. Are they not simply both as bad as each other?

Let’s also not forget we only know what the press want us to know and escorts are always going to be portrayed in a negative way. I know from experience that Jenny’s words and actions will have been twisted. Coleen look-a-like, Jenny is the easy ‘scape goat’ here, but lets not forget it takes 2 to tango.

Footballers don’t think about their families when they are doing the dirty so why should Jenny be labeled the home wrecker? He wrecked is own home life! Wayne called Jenny, he enquired and booked her; she was doing her job. She has no loyalties to him or his family. By blaming the other woman, as usual, blame is taken away from the cheater himself.

As a celebrity unfortunately that’s part and parcel exposes are always going to be a high risk, however it doesn’t deter them from cheating, so in my opinion they deserve what they get.

I do feel sorry for Coleen and her family who have to endure the repercussions of his infidelity, however he will keep cheating and by staying with him she is accepting his behaviour and giving him the green light, no matter how much of a hard time she has given him.

Many women now accept cheating men. Some buying into the ‘it’s in their genes,’ caveman rubbish, believing that no man is capable of being faithful. So they may as well ‘make do’ because all men are the same. This is absolute codswallop! Trust me if anyone should doubt fidelity of the male race it should be me.

Is it any wonder that cheaters keep on cheating with women having so little self-respect and accepting this as the norm for marriage, families and relationships? What message is this sending to the new generation?

Many people stay in relationships with a cheat because they love them. However if they took some time to self reflect and learned how to love themselves then they would leave.

Every time women blame other women when a man cheats it fuels many men’s lack of respect for the female race. It’s no wonder so many high profile beautiful women get cheated on! They expect it to happen and so it does.

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